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Wood Modeling Tools

ja tools


  • Used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pottery pieces.
  • All are 6″ in length.
  • Available individually or as a set of 12

JA-104-X Wood Modeling Tool 6$1.76$1.36$1.23$1.03$0.97
JA-12 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.90$1.47$1.32$1.10$1.03
JA-13 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.94$0.88
JA-132-X Wood Modeling Tool 8$1.73$1.34$1.22$1.02$0.96
JA-137 Wood Modeling Tool 8$1.71$1.33$1.20$1.01$0.94
JA-14 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-15 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.59$1.23$1.10$0.92$0.86
JA-16 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.93$1.49$1.35$1.13$1.05
JA-17 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-18 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-19 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-20 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-22 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-24 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.91$1.55$1.43$1.25$1.19
JA-28 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.62$1.26$1.14$0.96$0.90
JA-3 wooden modeling tool$2.20$1.76$1.62$1.39$1.32
JA-32 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.78$1.42$1.30$1.12$1.06
JA-37 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.59$1.23$1.10$0.92$0.86
JA-4 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.94$0.88
JA-5 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-6 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.59$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-7 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.78$1.37$1.24$1.03$0.97
JA-8 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.94$1.50$1.35$1.13$1.05
JAS Wooden Tool Set 12pc$16.21$12.57$11.36$9.54$8.94

wt tools

WT-1 X$3.94$3.04$2.74$2.29$2.14
WT-2 X$4.42$3.41$3.08$2.57$2.41
WT-3 X$4.30$3.32$2.99$2.50$2.33
WT-4 X$4.42$3.41$3.08$2.57$2.41
WT-5 X$4.09$3.15$2.84$2.37$2.21
WT-6 X$4.50$3.48$3.14$2.62$2.45
WT-11 X$4.27$3.29$2.96$2.47$2.31
WT-12 X$4.58$3.53$3.18$2.66$2.48
WT-15 X$4.58$3.54$3.19$2.66$2.49
WT-16 X Wood Tool$4.65$3.60$3.25$2.72$2.55
WT-18 X Wood Tool$4.47$3.45$3.11$2.60$2.43
WT-19 X$4.62$3.56$3.21$2.68$2.51
WT-20 X$4.76$3.71$3.36$2.84$2.66
WT-21 X$4.21$3.25$2.93$2.45$2.29
WT-22 X$4.41$3.40$3.07$2.57$2.40
WT-26 X$4.43$3.42$3.09$2.58$2.42
WT-27 X$4.31$3.33$3.00$2.51$2.34
WT-28 X$4.34$3.35$3.02$2.53$2.36
WT-29 X$4.32$3.33$3.00$2.51$2.35


This group of tools offers some of the most popular shapes for cutting, slicing, smoothing, and contouring of large clay work pieces.

402 X 10 Wood Modeli$6.52$5.12$4.65$3.95$3.72
404 X 10 Wood Modeli$6.45$5.03$4.55$3.84$3.60
406 X 10 Wood Model$6.75$5.34$4.88$4.17$3.94

bas x

Kemper Tools15102550
Bas X$1.67$1.29$1.16$0.97$0.91