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Wood Modeling Tools

ja tools


  • Used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pottery pieces.
  • All are 6″ in length.
  • Available individually or as a set of 12

JA-104-X Wood Modeling Tool 61.881.451.311.101.03
JA-12 6 Wood Modeling Tool2.141.651.481.241.16
JA-13 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.781.371.241.040.97
JA-132-X Wood Modeling Tool 81.841.431.291.081.01
JA-137 Wood Modeling Tool 81.841.421.281.071.00
JA-14 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.781.371.241.040.97
JA-15 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.781.371.241.040.97
JA-16 6 Wood Modeling Tool2.111.631.461.221.14
JA-17 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.741.341.211.010.94
JA-18 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.781.381.241.040.97
JA-19 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.771.371.231.030.96
JA-20 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.741.341.211.010.94
JA-22 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.741.341.211.010.94
JA-24 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.981.571.431.231.16
JA-28 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.751.351.221.020.96
JA-3 wooden modeling tool2.351.861.691.441.36
JA-32 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.931.521.381.181.11
JA-37 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.741.341.211.010.94
JA-4 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.771.371.231.030.96
JA-5 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.981.531.381.151.08
JA-6 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.821.411.271.060.99
JA-7 6 Wood Modeling Tool2.111.631.461.221.14
JA-8 6 Wood Modeling Tool1.781.371.241.040.97
JAS Wooden Tool Set 12pc17.7713.7512.4110.409.73

wt tools

WT-1 X4.873.753.382.832.64
WT-2 X5.344.123.713.102.90
WT-3 X5.244.043.643.042.84
WT-4 X5.344.123.713.102.90
WT-5 X5.073.913.532.952.76
WT-6 X5.374.143.733.122.92
WT-11 X4.933.803.422.862.67
WT-12 X5.404.173.763.142.93
WT-15 X5.414.173.763.142.94
WT-16 X Wood Tool5.464.233.813.202.99
WT-18 X Wood Tool4.863.753.382.822.64
WT-19 X5.133.963.562.982.78
WT-20 X5.914.624.193.553.34
WT-21 X4.803.703.332.782.59
WT-22 X4.823.713.352.792.61
WT-26 X5.364.133.733.122.91
WT-27 X5.234.043.643.042.84
WT-28 X5.334.113.713.102.89
WT-29 X5.153.983.593.002.80


This group of tools offers some of the most popular shapes for cutting, slicing, smoothing, and contouring of large clay work pieces.

402 X 10 Wood Modeli7.355.745.204.404.13
404 X 10 Wood Modeli7.365.705.154.324.04
406 X 10 Wood Model7.445.855.334.534.27

bas x

Kemper Tools15102550
Bas X1.741.341.211.010.94