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Braintree Supply Store (E-Mail Braintree):
Please place your orders at least one day ahead of time. It is easiest if you email a list of the items you are looking for to We will call you as soon as your order is pulled and ready for pick up. Our Braintree store still remains closed to foot traffic, but you can still place orders for curbside pick up. We will not be able to fire kilns at our Braintree location until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Our Portland store is open for browsing. We are happy to have you back in the store again! Two customers at a time please. Curbside is also available in Portland. It is recommended to place the order ahead of time whenever possible.

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Classes are available. Email us to sign up.

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Velvet Underglazes

Velvet Underglazes are all non-toxic and lead free! They have a semi-translucent finish when left unglazed. Adding a clear coat will intensify the colors. Most colors come in 2 sizes: 2oz jars and 12oz pints.

 Velvet Series

Underglaze Pints112244899
V 301P Ivory Beige$20.54$15.44$14.42$13.40$12.17
V 303P Terra Cotta$20.64$15.54$14.52$13.50$12.27
V 304P Straw$20.56$15.46$14.44$13.42$12.20
V 308P Yellow$20.58$15.48$14.46$13.44$12.22
V 309P Deep Yellow$20.74$15.64$14.62$13.60$12.37
V 313P Red Brown$20.57$15.47$14.45$13.43$12.21
V 314P Chocolate Brown$20.78$15.68$14.66$13.64$12.41
V 315P Peach$20.74$15.64$14.62$13.60$12.38
V 316P Light Pink$20.66$15.56$14.54$13.52$12.30
V 318P Rose$20.61$15.51$14.49$13.47$12.24
V 320P Lavender$30.25$22.75$21.25$19.75$17.95
V 321P Lilac$20.73$15.63$14.61$13.59$12.37
V 322P Purple$20.76$15.66$14.64$13.62$12.39
V 323P Salmon$20.73$15.63$14.61$13.59$12.37
V 325P Baby Blue$20.67$15.57$14.55$13.53$12.30
V 326P Medium Blue$20.58$15.48$14.46$13.44$12.22
V 327P Turquoise Blue$20.69$15.59$14.57$13.55$12.32
V 332P Teal Blue$20.73$15.63$14.61$13.59$12.36
V 333P Avocado$20.61$15.51$14.49$13.47$12.24
V 336P Royal Blue$44.32$33.32$31.12$28.92$26.28
V 341P Blue Green$20.74$15.64$14.62$13.60$12.38
V 343P Charteuse$20.64$15.54$14.52$13.50$12.28
V 345P Light Green$20.67$15.57$14.55$13.53$12.31
V 350P Orange$20.65$15.55$14.53$13.51$12.28
V 353P Dark Green$20.71$15.61$14.59$13.57$12.35
V 354P Leaf Green$20.79$15.69$14.67$13.65$12.42
V 360P White$20.73$15.63$14.61$13.59$12.37
V 361P Jet Black$20.62$15.52$14.50$13.48$12.25
V 366P Teddy Bear Brown$20.81$15.71$14.69$13.67$12.44
V 370P Velour Black$30.40$22.90$21.40$19.90$18.10
V 372P Mint Green$20.62$15.52$14.50$13.48$12.26
V 375P Maroon$44.41$33.41$31.21$29.01$26.37
V 376P Hunter Green$20.75$15.65$14.63$13.61$12.38
V 380P Violet$44.34$33.34$31.14$28.94$26.30
V 381P Amythyst$44.31$33.31$31.11$28.91$26.27
V 382P Red$44.34$33.34$31.14$28.94$26.30
V 383P Light Red$44.33$33.33$31.13$28.93$26.29
V 384P Real Orange$44.33$33.33$31.13$28.93$26.29
V 385P Cinnamon$20.54$15.44$14.42$13.40$12.18
V 386P Electric Blue$20.65$15.55$14.53$13.51$12.29
V 387P Bright Red$44.15$33.15$30.95$28.75$26.11
V 388P Radiant Red$44.29$33.29$31.09$28.89$26.25
V 389P Flame Orange$44.20$33.20$31.00$28.80$26.16
V 390P Bright Orange$44.27$33.27$31.07$28.87$26.23
V 391P Intense Yellow$44.19$33.19$30.99$28.79$26.15

Underglaze 2 Oz.112244899
V-301 2 0z. Ivory Beige$5.06$3.80$3.54$3.29$2.99
V-302 2 0z. Beige$5.11$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.04
V-303 2 0z. Terra Cotta$5.11$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.04
V-304 2 0z. Straw$5.11$3.85$3.60$3.35$3.04
V-308 2 0z.Yellow$5.11$3.85$3.60$3.34$3.04
V-309 2 0z. Deep Yellow$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-310 2 0z. Tan$5.07$3.81$3.56$3.31$3.00
V-313 2 0z.Red Brown$5.11$3.85$3.59$3.34$3.04
V-314 2oz. Chocolate Brown$5.12$3.85$3.60$3.35$3.04
V-315 2 0z. Peach$5.35$4.03$3.76$3.50$3.18
V-316 2 0z.Light Pink$5.35$4.03$3.77$3.50$3.18
V-318 2 0z.Rose$5.36$4.03$3.77$3.50$3.18
V-320 2 0z.Lavender$6.65$5.00$4.67$4.34$3.95
V-321 2 0z.Lilac$5.35$4.03$3.76$3.50$3.18
V-322 2 0z.Purple$5.34$4.01$3.75$3.48$3.16
V-323 2 0z.Salmon$5.31$3.99$3.72$3.46$3.14
V-325 2 0z.Baby Blue$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.33$3.03
V-326 2 0z.Medium Blue$5.11$3.85$3.59$3.34$3.04
V-327 2 0z.Turquoise$5.11$3.85$3.59$3.34$3.04
V-328 2 0z.Iceberg Blue$5.18$3.92$3.66$3.41$3.11
V-332 2 0z.Teal Blue$5.10$3.83$3.58$3.33$3.03
V-333 2 0z.Avocado$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-334 2 0z.Flaxen$5.11$3.85$3.60$3.35$3.04
V-336 2 0z.Royal Blue$7.50$5.64$5.27$4.90$4.45
V-341 2 0z.Blue Green$5.35$4.03$3.76$3.50$3.18
V-343 2 0z.Chartreuse$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-345 2 0z.Light Green$5.09$3.83$3.58$3.33$3.02
V-350 2 0z.Orange$5.06$3.80$3.54$3.29$2.99
V-353 2 0z.Dark Green$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.33$3.03
V-354 2 0z.Leaf Green$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-355 2 0z.Shadow Green$5.12$3.86$3.61$3.35$3.05
V-356 2 0z.Pearl Gray$5.08$3.82$3.57$3.31$3.01
V-357 2 0z.Dark Gray$5.11$3.85$3.60$3.34$3.04
V-360 2 0z.White$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-361 2 0z.Jet Black$5.10$3.83$3.58$3.33$3.03
V-366 2 0z.Teddy Bear Brown$5.11$3.85$3.60$3.35$3.04
V-367 2 0z. Mist Gray$5.08$3.81$3.56$3.31$3.01
V-368 2 0z.Antique Ivory$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.33$3.03
V-369 2 0z.Fawn$5.11$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.04
V-370 2 0z.Velour Black$6.64$4.99$4.66$4.33$3.93
V-371 2 0z.Rosy Mauve$5.12$3.85$3.60$3.35$3.04
V-372 2 0z.Mint Green$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-373 2 0z.Medium Brown$5.09$3.83$3.58$3.32$3.02
V-374 2 0z.Royal Peach$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.33$3.03
V-375 2 0z.Maroon$7.49$5.63$5.26$4.89$4.44
V-376 2 0z.Hunter Green$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.33$3.03
V-380 2 0z.Violet$7.50$5.64$5.26$4.89$4.45
V-381 2 0z.Amethyst$7.50$5.64$5.26$4.89$4.44
V-382 2 0z.Red$7.50$5.64$5.27$4.90$4.45
V-383 2 0z.Light Red$7.51$5.64$5.27$4.90$4.45
V-384 2 0z.Real Orange$7.49$5.63$5.25$4.88$4.43
V-385 2 0z.Cinnamon$5.07$3.81$3.56$3.30$3.00
V-386 2 0z.Electric Blue$5.10$3.84$3.59$3.34$3.03
V-387 Bright Red 2oz.$7.47$5.61$5.24$4.86$4.42
V-388 Radiant Red 2 oz$7.50$5.63$5.26$4.89$4.44
V-389 2 0z. Flame Orange$7.86$6.00$5.63$5.26$4.81
V-390 2oz Bright Orange$7.50$5.64$5.27$4.90$4.45
V-391 2 oz. Intense Yellow$7.48$5.62$5.24$4.87$4.42
Velvet Underglazes112
V 308 Yellow Gallon$108.16$81.66
V 309 Deep Yellow Gallon$109.34$82.84
V 314 Chocolate Brown Gallon$96.91$73.41
V 343 Chartreuse Gallon$109.93$83.43
V 353 Dark green Gallon$109.93$83.43
V 381 Amethyst Gallon$223.93$168.93
V 382 Red Gallon$223.92$168.92
V 384 Real Orange Gallon$223.29$168.29
V 386 Electric Blue Gallon$110.71$84.21