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Specialty Art Glazes

By design and definition, specialty art glazes are “Temperamental”. The same characteristics that create wonderful effects also demand special application and firing techniques to avoid running, crawling, or other potential pitfalls. Be aware that some Art Glazes always run (e.g. ^06 Moonscape and ^5 Crystal Blossom Glazes).
To optimize your experience with specialty art glazes, test each glaze on a typical piece of your work. Examine how the glaze behaves on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Experiment with application thickness; vary firings by half a cone up or down. Your testing will give the glaze opportunity to show off the “multiplicity of it’s personality”, as well as eliminating surprises in your production firings. Always use pyrometric cones (large or self-supporting) when firing specialty art glazes. For additional help call us or contact Laguna at info@lagunaclay.com.

Mystic Glazes cone 5

Runs slightly, mostly on porcelain clay bodies. Fire true to 5


Mystic Glaze Pints1122448100
WC-100P Celadon Froth$8.39$6.94$5.90$5.70$4.99
WC-101P Brilliant Sunburn$11.07$9.15$7.78$7.51$6.57
WC-102P Pink Ice$9.81$8.11$6.89$6.65$5.82
WC-103P Translucent Cream$7.25$6.00$5.11$4.93$4.32
WC-104P Caramel Steam$5.90$4.88$4.15$4.01$3.52
WC-105P Atlantis Aqua$8.41$6.95$5.91$5.71$5.00
WC-106P Layered Fern$8.29$6.85$5.83$5.62$4.93
WC-107P Antique Jade$9.30$7.69$6.54$6.31$5.53
WC-108P Power Turquoise$10.15$8.37$7.11$6.85$5.99
WC-109P Stormy Blue Gray$10.47$8.65$7.35$7.09$6.21
WC-110P Turbulent Indigo$12.01$9.93$8.44$8.15$7.14
WC-111P Spotted Blue$9.08$7.51$6.39$6.16$5.40
WC-112P Chocolate Mesa$10.19$8.43$7.16$6.91$6.05
WC-113P Mojave Dusk$7.66$6.34$5.40$5.21$4.56
WC-114P Mint Irish Cream$7.56$6.25$5.32$5.13$4.50

Mystic Glaze Gallons1122448100
WC-100 Celadon Froth Gallon$45.30$37.51$31.95$30.83$27.05
WC-101 Brilliant Sunburn Gallon$69.49$57.47$48.88$47.16$41.32
WC-104 Caramel Steam Gallon$41.66$34.51$29.40$28.38$24.91
WC-106 Layered Fern Gallon$43.50$36.05$30.72$29.66$26.04
WC-107 Antique Jade Gallon$53.29$44.17$37.65$36.34$31.91
WC-108 Power Turquoise Gallon$44.42$36.76$31.29$30.20$26.48
WC-109 Stormy Blue-Gray Gallon$53.98$44.64$37.96$36.63$32.09
WC-110 Turbulent Indigo Gallon$67.07$55.45$47.15$45.49$39.85
WC-111 Spotted Blue Gallon$43.07$35.64$30.33$29.27$25.66
WC-112 Chocolate Mesa Gallon$59.15$48.95$41.65$40.20$35.24
WC-114 Mint Irish Cream Gallon$43.30$35.87$30.57$29.50$25.90

Mystic Glaze Dry15102550100
WCD-100 Celadon Froth$2.95$2.24$2.08$1.97$1.81$1.68
WCD-101 Brilliant Sunburn$4.48$3.40$3.15$2.99$2.74$2.54
WCD-102 Pink Ice$4.27$3.24$3.00$2.84$2.61$2.42
WCD-103 Translucent Cream$2.38$1.81$1.68$1.59$1.46$1.36
WCD-104 Caramel Steam$2.77$2.11$1.96$1.85$1.70$1.58
WCD-105 Atlantis Aqua$2.91$2.21$2.05$1.94$1.78$1.65
WCD-106 Layered Fern$2.61$1.98$1.84$1.74$1.60$1.48
WCD-107 Antique Jade$3.30$2.51$2.32$2.20$2.02$1.87
WCD-108 Power Turquoise$4.78$3.62$3.36$3.18$2.91$2.70
WCD-109 Stormy Blue-Gray$4.70$3.56$3.30$3.12$2.86$2.65
WCD-110 Turbulent Indigo$5.46$4.14$3.83$3.63$3.32$3.08
WCD-111 Spotted Blue$3.13$2.38$2.21$2.09$1.92$1.78
WCD-112 Chocolate Mesa$5.53$4.19$3.88$3.67$3.36$3.12
WCD-113 Mojave Dusk$3.64$2.76$2.56$2.43$2.22$2.06
WCD-114 Mint Irish Cream$3.29$2.50$2.32$2.19$2.01$1.86

Crackle Glazes cone 5

Do you want crackle? These glazes fracture light and show off colors like you won’t believe. Select stock colors, or blend your own choice of stains or oxide to the designated base (WC-130)
Due to the intense crackle properties to this glaze, we recommend a quality cone 5 white stoneware body such as Laguna B-mix . Be sure to apply this glaze to clean bisque only. Fire hard to cone 5.


Crackle Glaze1122448100
WC-130 Fractal Cream Gallon$52.07$43.11$36.71$35.43$31.08
WC-130P Fractal Cream$13.13$10.86$9.24$8.91$7.81
WC-131P Tang Lime$13.39$11.06$9.40$9.07$7.94
WC-132 Analin Green Gallon$43.72$36.17$30.79$29.71$26.05
WC-132P Analin Green$12.96$10.71$9.10$8.78$7.68
WC-133P Apache Green$7.76$6.42$5.47$5.27$4.62
WC-134P Emerald Isle$12.36$10.22$8.69$8.38$7.34
WC-135P Lacy Mauve$13.26$10.96$9.31$8.98$7.87
WC-136P Catalina Crackle$13.53$11.18$9.50$9.16$8.02
WC-137P Skye Crackle$12.62$10.43$8.86$8.55$7.48
WC-138P Twilight Blue$14.99$12.38$10.52$10.15$8.88
WC-139P Ocean Teal$14.91$12.32$10.47$10.10$8.84
WC-140P Frost Jade$10.86$8.98$7.63$7.36$6.45
WC-141P Desert Skye$15.41$12.73$10.82$10.44$9.14

Crackle Glazes Dry15102550100
WCD-130 Fractal Cream$6.69$5.06$4.69$4.44$4.06$3.76
WCD-131 Tang Lime$3.42$2.59$2.40$2.28$2.09$1.94
WCD-132 Analin Green (white clay only)$6.13$4.64$4.30$4.07$3.72$3.45
WCD-133 Apache Green$3.90$2.96$2.74$2.60$2.38$2.20
WCD-134 Emerald Green$3.81$2.89$2.68$2.54$2.32$2.15
WCD-135 Lacy Mauve$3.19$2.41$2.23$2.11$1.93$1.78
WCD-136 Catalina Crackle (white clay only)$6.11$4.63$4.29$4.06$3.72$3.44
WCD-137 Skye Crackle$3.79$2.88$2.67$2.52$2.31$2.14
WCD-138 Twilight Blue$5.97$4.52$4.18$3.96$3.63$3.36
WCD-139 Ocean Teal Dry$8.06$6.10$5.65$5.34$4.89$4.53
WCD-140 Forest Jade$5.92$4.48$4.15$3.93$3.60$3.33
WCD-141 Desert Skye$5.80$4.39$4.07$3.85$3.53$3.26

Crystal Blossom Glazes cone 5

These spectacular crystals are wonderfully three-dimensional. While some crystalline glazes seem “impossible”, by using these glazes and following the firing schedule below, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful crystals that will appear! The firing schedule may require adjustments in different kilns and under varying conditions.
This glaze will always run! Place catching plate under vessel before firing. Crystals grow best on porcelain and white stoneware bodies. To prevent dry matt surface on the inside bottom of your vessel apply a coat of clear. This application works as a flux and provides a glass versus matt surface.


Crystal Blossom Glazes1122448100
WC-160 Lavender Filigree Gallon$61.67$51.05$43.47$41.95$36.80
WC-160P Lavender Filigree$13.26$10.95$9.30$8.97$7.85
WC-161P Light Crystal Tea$9.45$7.81$6.64$6.40$5.61
WC-162P Blue Snowflakes$13.78$11.38$9.66$9.32$8.15
WC-163P Butter Drop$12.55$10.35$8.79$8.47$7.40
WC-164P Mint Coffee$13.53$11.17$9.49$9.15$8.01
WC-165P Translucent Mint$13.72$11.33$9.62$9.28$8.12
WC-166P Crystal Forest$14.21$11.74$9.98$9.62$8.42
WC-167P Plum Blossom Green$14.41$11.91$10.12$9.76$8.55

Crystal Blossoms Dry15102550100
WCD-160 Lavender Filigree$6.00$4.55$4.21$3.99$3.65$3.38
WCD-161 Light Crystal Tea$4.28$3.48$3.05$2.68$2.41$2.14
WCD-162 Blue Snowflakes$6.45$4.88$4.52$4.28$3.92$3.63
WCD-163 Butter Drop$6.82$5.16$4.78$4.52$4.14$3.83
WCD-164 Mint Coffee$5.36$4.06$3.76$3.56$3.26$3.02
WCD-165 Translucent Mint$5.39$4.08$3.78$3.58$3.28$3.04
WCD-166 Crystal Forest$7.07$5.35$4.96$4.69$4.29$3.98
WCD-167 Plum Blossom Green$5.53$4.19$3.88$3.67$3.36$3.12

Moonscape Glazes cone 06

These glazes create a flowing, lava-like surface layered in stunning, soft colors with velvety texture
This glaze runs; use a catching plate when firing. Use a white or red earthenware body. Do not sieve this glaze. For best results fire between ^07-06.


Moonscape Glazes1122448100
EM-1200P Sweet Dreams$16.45$13.59$11.54$11.13$9.74
EM-1201P Mauve Ice$11.76$9.71$8.26$7.97$6.97
EM-1202P Root Beer Float$18.02$14.88$12.64$12.19$10.66
EM-1203P Raspberry Flow$9.86$8.15$6.92$6.68$5.85
EM-1204P Carnation Cream$10.40$8.59$7.30$7.04$6.16
EM-1205P Peaches and Cream$12.59$10.40$8.84$8.52$7.46
EM-1206P Cool Blue$16.85$13.92$11.82$11.40$9.98
EM-1207P Deep Lavender(This glaze will run)$17.80$14.70$12.49$12.05$10.54
EM-1208P Frosty Navy$12.39$10.23$8.70$8.39$7.34
EM-1209P Obsidian Ice$7.81$6.45$5.48$5.29$4.63
EM-1210P Frosted Gray$10.91$9.13$7.86$7.61$6.75
EM-1211P Turquoise Ice$12.13$10.03$8.52$8.22$7.19
EM-1212P Wintergreen$16.66$13.76$11.69$11.28$9.87
EM-1213P Delta Cream$10.14$8.38$7.13$6.88$6.02
EM-1220P Butterscotch$8.64$7.15$6.08$5.86$5.13
EM-1221P Desert Rust$9.05$7.48$6.36$6.13$5.37
EM-1222P Pea Green$10.54$8.71$7.40$7.14$6.25
EM-1223P Lime Drops$10.24$8.46$7.19$6.94$6.08
EM-1224P California Dreaming$10.16$8.39$7.14$6.89$6.03
EM-1225P Pacific Swirl$10.50$8.68$7.38$7.12$6.23
EM-1226P Baltic Tundra$10.90$9.01$7.66$7.39$6.47
EM-1227P Cracklin Rose$13.54$11.19$9.50$9.17$8.02
EM-1228P Rain Forest Green$10.29$8.51$7.23$6.98$6.11

Moonscape Glaze Dry15102550100
EMD-1200 Sweet Dreams$7.52$5.69$5.27$4.99$4.56$4.22
EMD-1201 Mauve Ice$5.23
EMD-1202 Root Beer Float$5.07$3.84$3.55$3.36$3.08$2.85
EMD-1203 Raspberry Flow$6.47
EMD-1204 Carnation Cream$8.29
EMD-1205 Peachesn Cream$8.29
EMD-1206 Cool Blue$5.23
EMD-1207 Deep Lavender$5.91
EMD-1208 Frosty Navy$10.05$7.60$7.03$6.66$6.09$5.64
EMD-1209 Obsidian Ice$5.10
EMD-1210 Frosty Gray$5.10
EMD-1211 Turquoise Ice$5.10
EMD-1212 Wintergreen$7.88$5.96$5.52$5.22$4.78$4.43
EMD-1213 Delta Cream$5.07
EMD-1220 Butterscotch$4.57
EMD-1221 Desert Rust$4.70
EMD-1222 Pea Green$7.99$6.05$5.60$5.30$4.85$4.49
EMD-1223 Lime Drops$4.65
EMD-1224 Ca. Dreaming$7.29$5.52$5.11$4.83$4.43$4.10
EMD-1225 Pacific Swirl$7.44$5.63$5.21$4.93$4.51$4.18
EMD-1226 Baltic Tundra$8.02$6.07$5.62$5.32$4.87$4.51
EMD-1227 Cracklin Rose$6.66$5.04$4.66$4.41$4.04$3.74
EMD-1228 Rain Forest Green$7.75$5.87$5.43$5.14$4.71$4.36

Artificial Salt Glazes cone 06

Bold and beautiful! You will love the “crater” texture achieved with these artificial salt glazes. Highly reactive to thickness of application. Not for utilitarian ware. Stir or agitate this glaze once a week to prevent hardening. Do not sieve this glaze.


Artificial Salt Glazes1122448100
EM-1240P Hawaiian Crater$8.45$6.99$5.95$5.74$5.03
EM-1241P Twilight Crater$8.65$7.15$6.07$5.86$5.13
EM-1242P Moss Green Sand$8.30$6.86$5.84$5.63$4.94
EM-1243P Tea Dust$5.78$4.79$4.07$3.93$3.45
EM-1244P Blue Brown Lava$8.25$6.82$5.79$5.59$4.89
EM-1245P Light Cream$5.66$4.68$3.99$3.85$3.37
EM-1246P Dark Ultramarine$7.39$6.11$5.20$5.02$4.40
EM-1247P Volcanic Ochre$5.88$4.87$4.14$4.00$3.50
EM-1248P Carnation$7.73$6.40$5.44$5.25$4.60
EM-1249P Mint Blue Lava$6.43$5.32$4.53$4.37$3.83

Artificial Salt Glaze Dry15102550100
EMD-1240 Hawaiian Crater$4.01$3.04$2.82$2.67$2.45$2.27
EMD-1241 Twilight Crater$4.38$3.32$3.08$2.91$2.67$2.47
EMD-1242 Moss Green & Sand$2.73$2.12$1.98$1.89$1.75$1.63
EMD-1243 Tea Dust$3.78$2.89$2.68$2.54$2.33$2.17
EMD-1244 Blue Brown Lava$2.32
EMD-1245 Light Cream$2.07$1.57$1.46$1.38$1.26$1.17
EMD-1246 Dark Ultramarine$3.41
EMD-1247 Volcanic Ochre$2.09
EMD-1248 Carnation$3.85
EMD-1249 Mint-Blue Lava$2.23$1.70$1.57$1.49$1.37$1.27

Cuerda Seca Glazes Cone 06

These dazzling glazes were inspired by the old world, dry line technique known as Cuerda Seca. We recommend application on red earthenware or terra cotta bodies. The red brings out the true Cuerda Seca look.
A good glaze for bobbing colors onto red or buff tiles in Cuerda Seca style. Best fired to cone 05.




Cuerda Seca Glaze Pints1122448100
EM-1260P Cats Cream$8.85$7.32$6.22$6.00$5.26
EM-1261P Sea Foam$9.45$7.81$6.64$6.41$5.61
EM-1262P Peach Fuzz$9.70$8.02$6.82$6.58$5.76
EM-1263P Peach Blossom$8.38$6.93$5.89$5.69$4.98
EM-1264P Old Mauve$9.75$8.06$6.85$6.61$5.79
EM-1265P Coastal Fog$9.80$8.10$6.89$6.65$5.82
EM-1266P Toasty Oatmeal$7.66$6.33$5.39$5.20$4.56
EM-1267P Gray Yellow$6.22$5.15$4.38$4.22$3.70
EM-1268P Lava Smoke$8.10$6.70$5.70$5.50$4.82
EM-1269P Murky Lavender$9.94$8.23$7.01$6.77$5.94
EM-1270P Nocturnal Dust$8.10$6.70$5.70$5.50$4.82
EM-1271P Blue Tiger Eye$8.39$6.94$5.90$5.69$4.99
EM-1272P Celadon Gray$9.65$7.98$6.78$6.54$5.73
EM-1273P Aztec Jade$8.28$6.85$5.82$5.62$4.92
EM-1274P Blueberry$8.96$7.41$6.30$6.08$5.33

Cuerda Seca Glaze Dry15102550100
EMD-1260 Cats Cream$3.70$2.82$2.61$2.48$2.27$2.11
EMD-1261 Sea Foam$5.39$4.08$3.78$3.58$3.28$3.04
EMD-1262 Peach Frizz$5.24$3.96$3.67$3.47$3.18$2.94
EMD-1263 Beach Blossom$4.36
EMD-1264 Old Mauve$7.26$5.49$5.09$4.81$4.41$4.08
EMD-1265 Coastal Fog$4.96$3.76$3.48$3.30$3.02$2.80
EMD-1266 Toasty Oatmeal$3.92$2.97$2.75$2.61$2.39$2.21
EMD-1267 Gray Yellow$4.47$3.39$3.15$2.98$2.73$2.53
EMD-1268 Lava Smoke$3.43
EMD-1269 Murky Lavender$6.18
EMD-1270 Nocturnal Dust$3.96
EMD-1271 Blue Tiger Eye$5.04$3.82$3.54$3.35$3.07$2.84
EMD-1272 Celadon & Gray$5.11$3.97$3.70$3.53$3.26$3.05
EMD-1273 Aztec Jade$4.17$3.16$2.93$2.77$2.54$2.35
EMD-1274 Blueberry Satin$4.96