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We thank our customers for being so patient during this time. We are getting orders ready as quickly as possible. After you have placed an order, please wait for a call or email back from us confirming your order is ready before coming to pick it up.

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Deflocculants & Slip Casting Supplies

Darvan 7 pt$10.28$8.51$7.24$6.98$6.12
Darvan 7 Gal$53.98$44.70$38.07$36.74$32.24
Darvan 811 Pt$12.07$9.97$8.47$8.17$7.15
Darvan 811 Qt$18.00
Darvan 811 Gal$62.86$51.96$44.18$42.63$37.34
Sodium Silicate Pint$3.67$3.04$2.59$2.50$2.19
Sodium Silicate Quart$6.25
Sodium Silicate Gal$17.52$14.58$12.48$12.06$10.63
Sodium Silicate 5 Gallon Bucket$85.30$71.16$61.06$59.04$52.17

Gum Solution

Gum Solution Amaco Pint$7.12


Hydrometer 11 1/2$33.31
Hydrometer 6, NL204S$21.44
Viscometer Glass$31.74
Viscosity Cup M50 Dupont$34.05

Rubber Bands

Sold in 1 lb bags – Quantity varies from 40~20 bands per bag depending on size

Rubber Bands 4in Full Bag$18.53$16.94$15.88$14.29
Rubber Bands 5in Full Bag$18.53$16.94$15.88$14.29
Rubber Bands 6in Full Bag$18.32$16.73$15.67$14.08
Rubber Bands 7in Full Bag$18.29$16.70$15.64$14.05
Rubber Bands 8in Full Bag$18.31$16.72$15.66$14.07
Rubber Bands 9in Full Bag$18.11$16.52$15.46$13.87
Rubber Bands Full Bag Asst.$18.29$16.70$15.64$14.05

Mold Straps

Mold strap 3 yellow$2.47
Mold strap 4 green$2.58
Mold Strap 5 blue$2.74
Mold strap 6 orange$2.86
Mold Strap 7 Red$2.96