Due to icy roads our Portland location will have limited staff today. Please call ahead and leave a message if no one answers and we will get back to you ASAP. Stay safe out there.

A note to our customers. This year has been very challenging. Thank you for your patience and commitment to the products and services we provide you. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been hit with a number of set backs that have slowed the processing of most orders. Despite these circumstances we are working hard to come up with creative ideas to quicken our response and get your orders to you as soon as we can.

Braintree Supply Store (E-Mail Braintree):
Please place your orders at least one day ahead of time. It is easiest if you email a list of the items you are looking for to braintree@portlandpottery.com. We will call you as soon as your order is pulled and ready for pick up. Our Braintree store still remains closed to foot traffic, but you can still place orders for curbside pick up. We will not be able to fire kilns at our Braintree location until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Portland Supply Store (E-Mail Portland):
Our Portland store is open for browsing. We are happy to have you back in the store again! Two customers at a time please. Curbside is also available in Portland. It is recommended to place the order ahead of time whenever possible.

Portland Studio (E-Mail Studio):
Classes are available. Email us to sign up.

Portland Café
Open for inside and outside dining

Thank You Very Much,
Portland Pottery Crew

Contact info and hours for all locations

Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.

Deflocculants & Slip Casting Supplies

Darvan 7 pt$10.28$8.51$7.24$6.98$6.12
Darvan 7 Gal$53.98$44.70$38.07$36.74$32.24
Darvan 811 Pt$12.07$9.97$8.47$8.17$7.15
Darvan 811 Qt$18.00
Darvan 811 Gal$62.86$51.96$44.18$42.63$37.34
Sodium Silicate Pint$3.67$3.04$2.59$2.50$2.19
Sodium Silicate Quart$6.25
Sodium Silicate Gal$17.52$14.58$12.48$12.06$10.63
Sodium Silicate 5 Gallon Bucket$85.30$71.16$61.06$59.04$52.17

Gum Solution

Gum Solution Amaco Pint$7.12


Hydrometer 11 1/2$33.31
Hydrometer 6, NL204S$21.44
Viscometer Glass$31.74
Viscosity Cup M50 Dupont$34.05

Rubber Bands

Sold in 1 lb bags – Quantity varies from 40~20 bands per bag depending on size

Rubber Bands 4in Full Bag$18.53$16.94$15.88$14.29
Rubber Bands 5in Full Bag$18.53$16.94$15.88$14.29
Rubber Bands 6in Full Bag$18.32$16.73$15.67$14.08
Rubber Bands 7in Full Bag$18.29$16.70$15.64$14.05
Rubber Bands 8in Full Bag$18.31$16.72$15.66$14.07
Rubber Bands 9in Full Bag$18.11$16.52$15.46$13.87
Rubber Bands Full Bag Asst.$18.29$16.70$15.64$14.05

Mold Straps

Mold strap 3 yellow$2.47
Mold strap 4 green$2.58
Mold Strap 5 blue$2.74
Mold strap 6 orange$2.86
Mold Strap 7 Red$2.96