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Simplicity Non-Toxic Glazes

Create a high fire look with our low fire Pottery Glazes.  These colors, inspired by nature, give you multi-tone effects and high gloss shine.  Ideal on textured bisque because glazes seep and pool into the grooves creating a more natural, multi-tone effect.  Layer the glazes for unique colors and effects.  Apply 3 coats for best results.

ProductName 161248
NTG-9000P Clear Glaze Pint$8.43$6.75$5.89$5.06
NTG-9018P Blue Lagoon$15.02$12.08$10.59$9.15
NTG-9060P Glass Green$15.14$12.21$10.71$9.28
NTG-9316P Mud Slide$22.29$17.89$15.64$13.48
NTG-9317P Volcanic Embers$22.05$17.64$15.40$13.24
NTG-9319P Pottery Peacock$22.29$17.89$15.64$13.48
NTG-9321P Peacock Pebble$21.52$17.22$15.02$12.92
NTG-9322P Speckled Forest$21.57$17.27$15.07$12.97
NTG-9323P Babbling Brook$21.62$17.32$15.12$13.02
NTG-9334P Cast Iron$11.36$9.12$7.98$6.88
NTG-9337P Antique Moss$11.58$9.34$8.20$7.11
NTG-9407P Vanilla Spice$16.67$13.34$11.64$10.01
NTG-9511P Prairie Gold$18.05$14.45$12.61$10.84
NTG-9512P Canyon Clay$18.21$14.60$12.76$11.00
NTG-9513P Red Rock$16.31$13.06$11.40$9.80
NTG-9514P River Stone$18.74$15.14$13.29$11.53
NTG-9515P Pottery Blue$18.38$14.77$12.93$11.17
NTG-9516P Midnight Stone$18.09$14.49$12.64$10.88
NTG-9517P Pottery Patina$18.06$14.45$12.61$10.85
NTG-9518P Iron Moss$18.27$14.66$12.82$11.06
NTG-9519P Green Ash$17.05$13.65$11.92$10.25
NTG-9520P Volcanic Ash$18.10$14.50$12.66$10.89
NTG-9521P Spring Mist$18.09$14.49$12.65$10.88
NTG-9522P Ocean Mist$18.09$14.49$12.64$10.88
NTG-9523P Forest Glen Disc$18.16$14.56$12.72$10.95
NTG-9524P Deep Blue Sea Disc$18.27$14.66$12.82$11.06
NTG-9527P Sandy Beach$18.05$14.45$12.61$10.84
NTG-9528P Sandalwood$18.45$14.85$13.01$11.24
NTG-9529P White Birch Pt$18.05$14.45$12.61$10.84
NTG-9532P Robin's Egg Pt$18.51$14.90$13.06$11.30
NTG-9533P Purple Dusk Pt$18.08$14.48$12.64$10.87
NTG-9536P Sedona Pt. Disc$18.08$14.48$12.64$10.87
NTG-9555P Magic Flow$19.72$15.81$13.81$11.89