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Satin Glazes

satin discription

SN Glazes

Satin Glaze Pint1122448100
SN-351P Clear Satin PT$7.53$5.65$5.27$4.90$4.44
SN-352P White$13.60$10.20$9.52$8.84$8.02
SN-355P Orange Fizz$13.60$10.20$9.52$8.84$8.02
SN-366P Black$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
SN-372P Red Velvet$10.12$9.09$8.18$7.57$7.15
SN-374P Neon Yellow$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
SN-375P Neon Orange$12.52$9.39$8.76$8.14$7.39
SN-376P Neon Red$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
SN-378P Neon Chartreuse$10.12$9.09$8.18$7.57$7.15
SN-379P Neon Green$12.54$9.40$8.78$8.15$7.40
SN-380P Neon Purple$12.54$9.40$8.78$8.15$7.40

Satin Glaze 4 Oz.11224
SN-351 Clear Satin 4oz$2.65$2.12$1.85
SN-352 White 4 oz$5.63$4.50$3.93
SN-355 Orange Fizz 4oz$3.50$2.82$2.48
SN-366 4 oz Black$3.37$2.70$2.36
SN-372 Red Velvet 4oz$3.37$2.70$2.36
SN-379 4oz Neon Green$5.66$4.51$3.94
SN-380 4oz Neon Purple$5.66$4.51$3.94