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Michael Sherrill’s “Gummy Ribs”

All colors and sizes $6.30


Red = very soft

Yellow = soft

Chartreuse = medium

Blue = hard

Kemper Ribs

kemper texture ribsWood Ribs
Made of smooth finished imported hardwood in a variety of shapes for opening, shaping, smoothing and trimming wet clay on a potters wheel.

kemper rubber ribsRubber Kidney Scrapers
These special ribs are molded from pliable rubber in two “kidney” shapes and two grades of resiliency. They are used for smoothing, burnishing, shaping and finishing all types of pottery, sculpture and slab work.

kemper wooden ribs

Texture Ribs

These wooden ribs are made from smooth-finished hardwood, and employ the basic shapes required for opening, shaping, curving, smoothing and trimming wet clay on the potter’s wheel. Approximately 4.25″ long.

Steel Scrappers

kemper metal ribsUsed for shaping, smoothing and trimming pottery shapes, these steel scrapers are made from thin, flexible spring stainless steel. Give ceramic pieces a clean professional edge by using these high quality tools

Kemper Ribs15102550
RB00-X Double Rib$9.25$7.17$6.48$5.44$5.10
RB1 X Wood Rib$5.39$4.17$3.76$3.15$2.95
RB2 X Wood Rib$4.83$3.75$3.38$2.84$2.66
RB3 X Wood Rib$4.89$3.84$3.48$2.96$2.78
RB4 X Wood Rib$4.89$3.77$3.40$2.85$2.66
RB5 X Wood Rib$6.31$4.89$4.42$3.71$3.47
RB6 X Wood Rib$5.53$4.27$3.85$3.22$3.01
RB7 X Wood Rib$4.81$3.71$3.35$2.80$2.62
RB8 X Wood Rib$5.88$4.55$4.11$3.44$3.22
RBT2 Texture Rib 2$10.60$8.17$7.36$6.14$5.74
RBT3 Textrure Rib$9.94$7.67$6.91$5.78$5.40
RBT4 Textrue Rib$10.62$8.19$7.38$6.17$5.76
Rib FRH Lg Black$4.05$3.14$2.84$2.38$2.23
Rib FRSM Small Black$3.89$3.01$2.71$2.27$2.12
Rib FRSO Large Blue$4.10$3.18$2.88$2.42$2.27
Rib FRSS Small Blue$3.71$2.87$2.59$2.17$2.03
Rib ISSA$11.66$8.99$8.11$6.77$6.33
Rib ISSD$11.66$8.99$8.11$6.77$6.33
Rib ISSE$13.53$10.43$9.40$7.85$7.34
S-1 X Steel Scraper w/ Point$2.34$1.81$1.63$1.36$1.27
S-3 X Steel Scraper (narrow flexible)$2.35$1.82$1.64$1.37$1.28
S-4 X Steel Scraper (wide flexible)$2.24$1.73$1.56$1.30$1.22
SA-4 X Aluminum Scraper(wide rigid)$2.36$1.83$1.65$1.38$1.29
S-6 X Steel Scraper (square kidney)$2.16$1.67$1.50$1.26$1.18
S-10 X Serrated Steel Scraper (flexible)$2.82$2.17$1.96$1.64$1.53
SA-10 X Aluminum Serated Scraper (rigid)$2.98$2.34$2.12$1.80$1.69
S-11S X Steel Scraper Rectangle Serated Edge$3.61$2.80$2.53$2.12$1.98
S-12 X Steel Scraper (rigid half moon)$3.76$2.91$2.63$2.21$2.07

Mudtools understands that there are times when you just need a stainless steel rib. In fact, some people prefer stainless steel over other choices for some of their work. We are proud to offer the stainless steel ribs shown below. These ribs are constructed from the finest cutlery grade, flexible stainless steel available.

Available in several shapes and sizes.

Mud Tool Ribs

Drawing RibsMud Tools1
Rib Drawing Bean 1 organicDB0$10.94
Rib Drawing Bean 2 waveDB2$10.80
Rib Drawing Bean 4 wave edgeDB4$10.91
Rib Drawing Leaf 2 waveDL2$9.15
Rib Drawing Leaf 3 angleDL3$9.15
Rib Drawing Pebble 0 smoothDP0$10.80
Rib Drawing Pebble 2 waveDP2$10.95
Rib Drawing Pebble 4 angleDP4$10.95

ScrappersMud Tools1
Rib SS0 Small stainless steel 2.75 x 1.44"SS0$6.45
Rib SS1 Stainless Steel 3.5 x 1.75"SS1$6.45
Rib SS2 Large Stainless steel Rectangular 2.88 X 2.25"SS2$6.35
Rib SS4 Stainless steel with one 90* angleSS4$6.37
Rib SS5 Stainless steel large rounded edges 4.19 x 2"SS5$6.30
Rib SS7 Stainless Steel w/ center holeSS7$12.60
Rib SSL Scraper Rib 6Scraper SSL$6.45
RIB SSP Stainless PaisleyPAISLEY$6.30
Rib SSP18 Paisley serrated metal rib (Larger tooth)PAISLEY 18$6.45
Rib SSP24 Paisley (finer tooth)PAISLEY 24$6.45
Rib SSXL ScraperScraper SSXL$12.90

Catalyst Texture Ribs

These amazing ribs are available in a variety of shapes and designs, allowing you to add amazing texture and surface decoration to both wheel-thrown pots and slabs. They are easy to grip and use. These ribs are not only great for ceramics, they can be used in cake decorating, food crafting, plaster, and acrylic paint mediums. So whether you are a potter or craft enthusiast, the contour ribs are a great addition to your tool box.

Catalyst Ribs 1
Rib Catalyst 21
Rib Catalyst 23$7.84
Rib Catalyst 61$10.81
Rib Catalyst 64$7.84
Rib Catalyst 81$7.84
Rib Catalyst 82$7.84
Rib Catalyst 83$10.81
Rib Catalyst Wedge 1$7.84
Rib Catalyst Wedge 3$7.84