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We thank our customers for being so patient during this time. We are getting orders ready as quickly as possible. After you have placed an order, please wait for a call or email back from us confirming your order is ready before coming to pick it up.

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Return Policy


Here at Portland Pottery we stand behind all of the products we sell. We will refund, repair or replace all products found defective by standards in the ceramic industry. We will not return old or frozen products. Varying results from firing are to be expected in finished ware due to the nature of clay. Portland Pottery and associate suppliers collaborate to keep variations at a minimum – but one must expect the occasional color and grog size deviations.

Many potters and artists discover problems surrounding impurities found in their clay. Clays can be obtained without impurities, as evidenced by those used in high tech and microchip industries. These clays are highly processed and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per pound – not exactly practical for making pottery! Unfortunately we must live with what mother nature has dealt us and make the best of it. Our suppliers use the best methods for clay-making possible. They use technology to improve clay quality. However, impurities are ultimately unavoidable in all cases. As always, one should test batches for varying results and naturally occurring impurities. If you find a problem we will help find a solution or the root of the problem. All batches are coded and sampled at the plant. These samples can be retrieved and checked, thereby lending useful insight to the nature of the mix.