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Laguna Raku Glazes

Laguna Dry Glazes were developed especially for Raku firing. Due to the many uncontrollable variables involved in Raku firing, the glaze descriptions should be viewed as general in nature with results varying even from one firing to the next.


Laguna Raku Prices

Raku Glaze15102550100
R-1 White Matt Raku$1.55$1.18$1.10$1.04$0.96$0.89
R-2 Tuiti Frutti Raku$2.03$1.54$1.43$1.36$1.25$1.16
R-9 Begs Raku Glaze$2.16$1.65$1.53$1.45$1.33$1.23
R-10 Bright Buff Raku$2.34$1.78$1.65$1.56$1.43$1.33
R-11 Raku Borax Glaze$3.21$2.43$2.25$2.13$1.95$1.81
R-12 Blackfoot Raku Glaze$4.01$3.03$2.81$2.66$2.43$2.25
R-13 Copper Raku$4.36$3.31$3.06$2.90$2.66$2.46
R-14 Lithuim Slip Raku Glaze$7.94$6.00$5.56$5.26$4.82$4.46
R-15 Dark Red Raku$3.15$2.39$2.22$2.10$1.92$1.78
R-19 Cornwall Stone Raku$2.13$1.63$1.51$1.43$1.31$1.22
R-20 Raku Burst$3.75$2.86$2.65$2.52$2.31$2.15
R-21 Bronze Raku$10.14$7.67$7.10$6.72$6.15$5.69
R-22 Awabi Shell$5.33$4.04$3.74$3.54$3.24$3.00
R-23 Uguisi Nightingale$5.46$4.14$3.83$3.63$3.32$3.08
R-24 Dynasty Blue Raku Glaze$4.33$3.28$3.04$2.88$2.64$2.44
R-25 Black Lacquer$8.67$6.56$6.07$5.74$5.26$4.87
R-26 Raku-Kingin gold silver$6.50$4.92$4.55$4.31$3.94$3.65
R-27 Shinju$6.81$5.16$4.77$4.52$4.14$3.83

Laguna Raku Mixing Instructions

To establish the correct water to dry material ratio in raku glazes you must use the process called slaking. Slaking means mixing the glaze’s dry materials in a bucket with enough water to allow all the dry particles to achieve maximum absorption. Follow these steps: Slake your glaze for approximately 24 hours – Long enough that the glaze settles to the bottom of the bucket and the unabsorbed water is clear not cloudy. Remove most of the clear water, leaving ¼” to ½” on the top of the glaze. Mix thoroughly and allow glaze to sit for another 24 hours. After the second 24 hours, mix the glaze thoroughly to a consistency a little thicker than your final use consistency. Strain the mix through a 30-40 mesh sieve into another bucket, then sieve back to the original bucket. You should feel the glaze thin. Always stir raku glazes before considering thinning with water! We recommend running several tests to determine your individual consistency preference.