Portland and Braintree Supply Stores are open for curbside pick up. Please place your order at least a day ahead of time.

We thank our customers for being so patient during this time. We are getting orders ready as quickly as possible. After you have placed an order, please wait for a call or email back from us confirming your order is ready before coming to pick it up.

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Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.


postsposts are available in all different lengths. Let us know what your needs are and we can help put something together for you.

Post 1.5x 0.5 RF-30012$1.95$1.71$1.52$1.38$1.26
Post 1.5X1 RF-301$1.93$1.69$1.51$1.37$1.25
Post 1.5x2 RF-302$1.96$1.72$1.53$1.39$1.27
Post 1.5x3 RF-303$2.27$2.00$1.78$1.62$1.48
Post 1.5x4 RF-304$2.43$2.14$1.91$1.73$1.58
Post 1.5x5 RF-305$2.78$2.44$2.18$1.98$1.80
Post 1.5x6 RF-306$3.14$2.76$2.46$2.23$2.04
Post 1.5x7 RF-307$3.59$3.16$2.82$2.56$2.34
Post 1.5x8 RF-308$3.67$3.22$2.87$2.60$2.37
Post 1.5x9 RF-309$4.06$3.57$3.17$2.87$2.62
Post 1.5x10 RF-310$4.76$4.18$3.72$3.38$3.08
Post 1.5x11 RF-311$5.25$4.75$4.25$3.95$3.25
Post 1.5x12 RF-312$5.50$5.05$4.75$4.45$3.75
Post 1.5x13 RF-313$5.81$5.10$4.53$4.11$3.74
Post 1.5x14 RF-314$3.63$3.20$2.85$2.59$2.37
Post 1.5x15 RF-315$7.05$6.50$5.75$5.00$4.50