Peter Jones Workshop

“Improving your pottery skills with advanced throwing techniques”

Portland, ME

April 6, 2019 10:00-2:30 $ 65.00 / Portland Pottery Students $ 45.00

Throwing pots is a challenge, as we all know.  Trying to make the pots that you have in mind never seem to come out quite the way you had intended.  Making them taller and/or wider, thinner, lighter in weight and more “elegant” is not as hard as you may think.  In this workshop, you will learn simple techniques that will dramatically improve your throwing skills.  The class will begin with demonstrations of these techniques in the morning and follow up with personal help in the afternoon for those who want to try out these techniques on the wheel.  Several decorative techniques will also be displayed during the class to inspire you to try out new ideas.  Something for everyone!

Peter Jones has been throwing pots for 48 years and has been a full time potter in Maine since 1973.  He has won numerous awards at fine art shows around the country and has taught many pottery workshops in New Mexico, Florida, Colorado and Maine.