Paid Firing

We are happy to fire your work! We offer three different firings in the studio: Bisque (Cone 05), Mid-range (Cone 5/6), and Glaze (Cone 10).

For Bisque, we charge .05¢/ cubic inch and for Mid-range or Glaze we charge .06¢/ cubic inch. If you use the studio to glaze or do anything else, it’s $10/hr.

We require a $10 minimum for all firings.

Please fill out our Google Form below:

NOTE: WE CHARGE FOR KILN DAMAGE!We must know EXACTLY what clay and glazes are going into our kilns.

Everyone who has work fired in our kiln must adhere to our rules about proper glaze application. Any damage to our kiln shelves will incur a $15 fee. Please wipe the bottoms of your pieces if they have any glaze (at least a 1/4 inch from the base) and be VERY careful layering your glazes. If you have not properly wiped the bottoms of your pieces there will be a handling fee for our staff to do so.

We ask that you PLEASE pick up your work no later than 2 weeks from when it is finished firing. A lot of work ends up being backed up and left behind, and we may need to start charging a storage fee if pieces go uncollected. Thank you!