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Pacifica Features:

● Quiet: A superior quad-belt drive system, two stages of motor vibration isolation, and a large electronic capacitor makes the PACIFICA “whisper” under rigorous conditions.
● Smooth: Pacifica’s custom designed load sensor increases the power from the motor in exact proportion to the load on the wheel head. Wheel head speed remains constant from 300 RPM down to very slow trimming speeds.
● Powerful: the GT 400 develops over ½ HP, enough to center 80lbs of clay. For potters throwing extraordinarily large work, the GT 800 develops 1 HP and can center 100lbs of clay
● The Magic Petal: Magnetic controls alow minute adjustments to the wheel head speed. Cast aluminum housing is flex-free, stable and well balanced.
● 2 Peice Durable Splash Pan: Included in every wheel, it’s rugged and easy to remove for cleaning.
● Reversing: Toggle switch mounted to the control box
● Circut Breaker: Push button; no inconvienent fuses.
● Steel Frame: Heavy Dudy Welded construction with three widely spaced legs, stable and virtually indestructible.
● Table Top: Spacious molded tabletop cleans up easy and provides a large work area.
● Easy repair: The modular construction allows quick and easy replacement of parts down the road – whether it be the motor, belt, or the electronic control box.
● Double Guarantee: Pacifica tests each wheel extensively in their factory before shipping it and they give a two year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and parts, also a 30 day total satisfaction guarantee.


Pacifica GT 400 (1/2 HP) – $847.00

Pacifica GT 800 (1 HP) – $998.00

Prices Subject to change. Please call for most up to date prices.

Pacifica Wheel Accessories

Pacifica Leg Extension A
 $ 81.30
Pacifica Leg Extension B  $ 109.52
Pacifica Seat Assembly  $ 156.79
Pacifica Splash Pan  $ 49.06
Pacifica Wheel head  $ 56.00
Pacifica Work Station  $ 173.14
Pacifica Reverse Toggle Switch  $ 41.47
Pacifica 800 Drive Belt  $ 23.66
Pacifica 800 Motor Brushes  $ 17.45
Pacifica Drive Belt (new style need 4)  $ 9.16
Pacifica Drive Belt(old Style)  $ 8.04
Pacifica GT 240v Circuit Board  $ 72.57
Pacifica Magic Pedal Conversion Kit
(2 nprong) Pac800
 $ 343.63
Pacifica Motor Assembly GT-400     $ 172.56
Pacifica Switch Push Button On/Off for Wheel  $ 15.86