Friday, June 11th: Portland Supply Store Location on Anderson St. There is an event that will be taking up Anderson St on Friday. The supply store will be closing early. We will be opening at 9AM and closing around Noon, Friday.  Please call ahead 207-772-4334

Our Braintree store is open to the public June 1st with reduced hours. The Braintree store will be open Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM for instore shopping. If you need to pick up items outside of those hours you are welcome to call or email your order ahead of time and schedule for it to be outside at a particular day/time. Instructions below.

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We are now taking applications for the 2021 Summer Camp! See a full list and how to register below.
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A note to our customers. This year has been very challenging. Thank you for your patience and commitment to the products and services we provide you. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been hit with a number of set backs that have slowed the processing of most orders. This includes a reduction in staff, following the recommended CDC guidelines, and manufacturing and shipping delays for all ceramic materials and equipment from our vendors. Despite these circumstances we are working hard to come up with creative ideas to quicken our response and get your orders to you as soon as we can.

Braintree Supply Store (E-Mail Braintree):
It is easiest if you email a list of the items you are looking for to We will call you as soon as your order is pulled and ready for pick up.

Portland Supply Store (E-Mail Portland):
Our Portland store is open for browsing. We are happy to have you back in the store again! Curbside is also available in Portland. It is recommended to place the order ahead of time whenever possible.

Portland Studio (E-Mail Studio):
Classes are available. Email us to sign up.

Portland Café
Open for inside and outside dining

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Contact info and hours for all locations

Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.
Alumina Oxide(Calcined 325)2.11781.88681.7021.51721.4248
Antimony Oxide22.330419.855417.875415.895414.9054
Burnt Umber4.92144.38123.9493.51683.3007
Chrome Oxide Green15.764614.019412.623211.22710.5289
Cobalt Carbonate79.969471.09163.988356.885653.3343
Cobalt Oxide75.16166.81860.143653.469250.132
Copper Carbonate13.098311.650210.49179.33328.7539
Copper Oxide Black17.040215.153613.644312.13511.3803
Copper Oxide Red20.05617.831516.051914.272313.3825
Copper Sulphate5.61824.99954.50454.00953.762
Neodymium Oxide66.374962.337459.107455.877454.2624
Nickel Carbonate19.305917.167415.456613.745812.8904
Nickel Oxide Black32.567328.956326.067523.178721.7343
Nickel Oxide Green91.180481.055472.955464.855460.8054
Rutile Dark (Milled Ruflux 61)4.8044.27723.85583.43443.2237
Rutile Granular3.81783.43.06582.73162.5645
Rutile Light (Ceramic)9.09048.09097.29136.49176.0918
Tin Oxide 55 lb bags35.889331.908228.723325.538423.9459
Titanium Dioxide35.889331.908228.723325.538423.9459
Zinc Oxide (Beware new supplier2/1/16)5.30164.71884.25263.78633.5532
Crocus Martis$7.56$6.72$6.06$5.39$5.06$4.73
Iron Oxide Black$4.89$4.35$3.92$3.49$3.28$3.06
Iron Oxide Spanish$1.34$1.16$1.04$0.89$0.87$0.86
Iron Oxide Yellow$5.80$5.16$4.65$4.14$3.89$3.63
Iron Oxide Red(Dom. Iron Oxide most commonly used)$4.32$3.85$3.47$3.09$2.90$2.71
Yellow Ochre$4.73$4.21$3.80$3.38$3.18$2.97
Price Per Pound1510255050010002000
Albany Slip Sub$2.99$2.26$2.08$1.90$1.14$1.10$1.07$1.05
Alberta Slip (44 lb bag)$2.10$1.52$1.43$1.34$1.25$1.14
Alumina Hydrate$2.33$2.01$1.79$1.52$1.49$1.48$1.47$1.45
Barium Carbonate (55lb bag)$2.00$1.72$1.54$1.30$1.28$1.27$1.26$1.24
Bone Ash$2.91$2.19$2.02$1.84$1.09$1.05$1.02$1.00
Bone Ash (Natural)$4.15$2.98$2.80$2.62$2.44$2.22
Borax (55lb bag)$3.96$2.98$2.74$2.50$1.47$1.43$1.38$1.35
Dolomite (limestone)$1.77$1.20$0.78$0.55$0.28$0.26$0.25$0.24
Gerstley Borate$2.34$1.77$1.62$1.48$0.88$0.86$0.83$0.81
Illmenite Powder$2.42$2.08$1.86$1.57$1.54$1.53$1.52$1.50
Illmenite Granular$1.90$1.64$1.46$1.24$1.22$1.21$1.20$1.18
Iron Chromate$2.80$2.12$1.95$1.78$1.06$1.03$0.99$0.97
Iron Sulphate$1.93$1.66$1.48$1.25$1.23$1.22$1.21$1.19
Kiln Wash Super Duty$1.37$1.18$1.06$0.90$0.88$0.88$0.87$0.86
Lithium Carbonate Fine$54.28$38.62$36.21$33.80$31.39$28.50
Magnesium Carbonate(Light and White) 55lb bag$6.26$4.48$4.20$3.93$3.66$3.33
Manganese Carbonate (brown)$8.91$6.36$5.97$5.58$5.18$4.71
Manganese Dioxide 325$2.48$1.87$1.72$1.57$0.94$0.91$0.88$0.86
Nylon Fibers$12.26$8.85$8.33$7.80$7.28$6.65
Potassium Bichromate$23.12$16.45$15.42$14.40$13.37$12.14
Silicon Carbide$9.79$6.98$6.55$6.11$5.68$5.16
Soda Ash$6.75$4.52$2.85$1.96$0.90$0.82$0.79$0.74
Strontium Carb$2.06$1.78$1.59$1.35$1.32$1.31$1.30$1.28
Talc Pioneer #2882$2.61$1.76$1.13$0.79$0.38$0.35$0.34$0.32
Talc-Nytal(only availible till our supply last)$1.41$0.95$0.61$0.43$0.21$0.20$0.19$0.18
Vanadium Pentoxide(Poison, check on special shipping procedures)$64.82$47.27$44.57$41.87$39.17$35.93
Volcanic Ash$1.72$1.31$1.20$1.10$0.67$0.65$0.62$0.61
Whiting (Castle Carb)$1.70$1.16$0.74$0.52$0.26$0.24$0.24$0.22
Zircopax Plus$4.23$3.63$3.23$2.74$2.68$2.66$2.64$2.60