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North Star

Prices Subject to change. Please call for most up to date prices.


North Star Slabroller 36″ Pk /w Table         $1,955.00

North Star Slabroller 30″ Super Pk              $1,580.00

North Star Slabroller 30″ Stnd Pkg w/ Wagon Wheel    $1,132.87

North Star Slabroller 24″ Super w/ Table, Wagonwheel (4 bxs)  $1,386.19

North Star Slabroller 24″ Stnd Pkg w/Wagon Wheel (3 Bxs)     $1,044.91

North Star PortaRoller  w/2 TableToppers, Crank and Canvas     $642.94



North Star Canvas Set  Standard 24×36  #541 2pc.


North Star Canvas Set 18″Canvas Set


North Star Gear Kit #2(Small Idler Gear, any color)


North Star Polaris CT-500 Slab Roller


North Star Slab Roller 24″ Blank Wing


North Star Slab Roller 24″ Bottom Shelf(PK only)


North Star Slab Roller 24″ Bucket Wing


North Star Slab Roller 24″ No Table.(Crank)


North Star Wagon Wheel






Brent Slab Rollers

Brent Slab Roller SRC Mini         $641.00

Brent SRC Slab Roller                   $815.00

Brent SR-14 Slab Roller                $1990.00

Brent SR-20 Slab Roller               $2309.00

Brent SR-36 Slab Roller               $2625.00

Brent Slab Roller SR-14 canvas covered shim 1/4″ EACH


Brent Slab Roller Canvas 14″


Brent Slab Roller Replacement Cables SR20 &36




Hi Roller Vertical Slab Rollers

Hi-Roller Vertical Slab Roller with wall-mount kit       Call For Pricing

Hi-Roller Vertical Slab Roller Wallmount   $1,420.00

Hi-Roller Caster Set       $31.13