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Mason Stains

Founded in 1842, Mason Color Works became the first company in America to manufacture colors for the ceramics industry. Mason’s reputation persists for the quality and uniformity of its colors. Mason color can be used as a body stain, glaze or slip colorant, or may be brushed on with water for decoration. Percentages may vary from color to color (depending on the desired effect and / or use) – however, 10% is generally recommended as a starting place for testing.

Mason Stains <0.5 lb0.5-1 lb1 lb2 lbs
6000 Shell Pink6000$36.77$34.36$23.51$21.10
6001 Alpine Rose6001$36.85$34.44$23.60$21.19
6003 Crimson6003$36.77$34.36$23.51$21.10
6006 Deep Crimson6006$36.89$34.48$23.63$21.22
6021 Dark (K-5987)6021$57.47$53.68$36.62$32.83
6025 Coral Red6025$46.58$43.53$29.80$26.75
6026 Lobster6026$42.17$39.40$26.93$24.16
6027 Tangerine6027$42.17$39.40$26.93$24.16
6028 Orange6028$60.98$56.97$38.92$34.91
6030 Mango6006$58.49$54.64$37.31$33.46
6032 Coral6006$25.37$23.72$16.29$14.64
6069 Dark Coral6006$22.45$21.01$14.53$13.09
6088 Dark Red(K-5988)6088$56.85$53.06$36.00$32.21
6097 Red Stain (K-5997)6097$68.13$27.20$43.39$38.89
6100 Woodland6100$21.92$20.50$14.11$12.69
6101 Chestnut6101$22.22$20.78$14.30$12.86
6103 Golden Brown6103$20.59$8.40$13.22$11.88
6107 Dark Golden Brown6107$21.38$20.01$13.84$12.47
6108 Walnut6108$22.67$21.20$14.58$13.11
6109 Deep Brown6109$23.72$22.18$15.25$13.71
6110 Violet of Iron6110$17.55$7.18$11.28$10.14
6111 Spice Brown6111$31.64$29.58$20.31$18.25
6113 Claret Brown6113$17.42$16.30$11.26$10.14
6121 Saturn Orange6121$21.27$19.90$13.73$12.36
6126 Hazelnut6126$23.12$21.62$14.87$13.37
6129 Golden Ambrosia6129$21.17$19.80$13.63$12.26
6131 Titanium Iron6131$18.97$17.76$12.32$11.11
6149 Iron Silicate6149$18.77$17.56$12.11$10.90
6153 Seal Brown6153$13.95$10.46$8.37$7.44
6160 Dark Chocolate6160$18.12$16.96$11.74$10.58
6190 Deep Brown6190$16.82$15.74$10.88$9.80
6200 Evergreen6200$22.22$20.78$14.30$12.86
6201 Celadon6201$21.53$20.15$13.94$12.56
6204 Victoria Green6204$21.62$20.22$13.92$12.52
6206 Grass Green6206$22.22$20.78$14.30$12.86
6207 Celeste6207$28.07$11.69$18.17$16.37
6213 Hemlock6213$29.70$11.96$18.98$17.03
6219 French Green6219$23.27$21.76$14.96$13.45
6223 Ivy6223$24.77$23.16$15.91$14.30
6236 Chartreuse6236$40.37$37.72$25.79$23.14
6242 Bermuda6242$30.32$28.34$19.43$17.45
6254 Dark Teal6254$40.22$37.58$25.70$23.06
6255 Jade Green6255$37.07$34.64$23.70$21.27
6263 Victoria6263$21.26$8.89$13.78$12.42
6264 Victoria6264$20.80$8.61$13.43$12.09
6266 Peacock6266$40.90$38.23$26.22$23.55
6268 Sea Green6268$26.05$24.37$16.81$15.13
6274 Nickel Silicate6274$33.29$31.12$21.35$19.18
6280 Avocado6280$32.97$30.82$21.14$18.99
6300 Mazerine Blue6300$53.87$50.32$34.34$30.79
6304 Chrome Tin Violet6304$73.22$68.38$46.60$41.76
6305 Teal6305$31.22$29.18$20.00$17.96
6306 Vivid Blue6306$30.02$28.06$19.24$17.28
6308 Delphinium6308$29.93$27.99$19.26$17.32
6310 Wedgewood6310$44.72$41.78$28.55$25.61
6313 Medium Blue6313$41.27$38.56$26.36$23.65
6315 Zr Vn Blue6315$28.07$26.24$18.00$16.17
6319 Lavender6319$21.62$20.22$13.92$12.52
6320 Delft6320$56.27$52.56$35.86$32.15
6338 Cobalt Meta-Silicate6338$77.42$72.30$49.26$44.14
6339 Royal6339$27.76$11.38$17.86$16.06
6360 Willow6339$40.92$38.24$26.18$23.50
6363 Sky Blue6363$19.73$18.47$12.80$11.54
6364 Turquoise6364$28.77$26.90$18.48$16.61
6368 Copenhagen Blue6368$21.92$20.50$14.11$12.69
6371 Dark Teal6371$46.22$43.18$29.50$26.46
6374 Dark Turquoise6374$31.07$29.04$19.90$17.87
6376 Robins Egg6376$27.77$25.96$17.81$16.00
6381 Blackberry Wine6381$37.22$34.78$23.80$21.36
6383 Cobalt Aluminate6383$53.87$50.32$34.34$30.79
6385 Pansy Purple6385$37.73$35.27$24.20$21.74
6388 Mazerine6388$64.07$25.85$40.97$36.77
6404 Vanadium Yellow6404$48.59$45.40$31.04$27.85
6410 Canary6410$34.52$32.26$22.09$19.83
6450 Praseodymium6450$28.52$26.66$18.29$16.43
6464 Zirconium Yellow6464$34.30$32.06$21.98$19.74
6471 Old Gold6471$37.75$15.27$24.16$21.69
6479 Sunshine (replaces 6421)6471$51.17$47.80$32.63$29.26
6485 Titanium Yellow6485$21.92$20.50$14.11$12.69
6500 Sage6500$26.87$25.12$17.24$15.49
6503 Taupe6503$17.87$16.72$11.54$10.39
6591 Gun Metal6591$26.55$10.89$17.09$15.37
6600 Best Black6600$34.07$31.84$21.80$19.57
6612 Onyx6600$52.82$49.34$33.68$30.20
6650 Black Cobalt Free6650$31.92$29.81$20.34$18.23
6657 Black6657$25.67$24.00$16.48$14.81
6666 Cobalt Free6657$26.12$24.42$16.77$15.07