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kemper loop toolsLoop Tools


Loop tools are used to remove controlled amounts of clay from wheel-thrown and sculpture pieces.  The shaped cutting heads are made from heavy stainless steel ribbon with sharpened edges.  Each tool, with its rugged hardwood handle, ensures a sure grip and easy manipulation in wet clay.  The widest portion of each head is indicated.



Loop Tool15102550
LT1 X Loop Tool$4.78$3.82$3.50$3.02$2.86
LT2 X Loop Tool$4.84$3.86$3.53$3.04$2.88
LT3 X Loop Tool$4.17$3.24$2.93$2.46$2.30
LT4 X Loop Tool$4.44$3.51$3.19$2.73$2.57
LT5 X Loop Tool$4.46$3.53$3.22$2.75$2.60
LT6 X Loop Tool$4.22$3.29$2.98$2.51$2.35
LT7 X Loop Tool$4.42$3.44$3.11$2.62$2.45
LT8 X Loop Tool$4.24$3.30$2.99$2.53$2.37