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Lamp & Clock Parts

  • Cord Sets Are Factory Manufactured To Exacting Specifications
  • Cord Sets are U.L./C.S.A. Listed
  • Molded End Plug Is Polarized with 2 Prongs
  • Stranded Copper Wire Ends Are Stripped, Twisted & Tinned
  • For INDOOR Use Only
Lamp Parts 11224
Cord Brown 6ft w/plug
Cord Sets
with Molded Plug
SPT-1 #18/105° Wire
Stripped Ends are 3/4"L
and Tinned at the Tip
Cord w/ switch White 6'
with Molded PLUG and
Cord Ends Stripped
Cord W/Switch, Brown 6'
Cord Sets
with On/Off Switch.
SPT-2 #18/105° Wire
Stripped Ends are 1/2"L
and Tinned at the Tip

Cord White 6ft
with Molded PLUG
Cord Has Stripped Ends
Cord, Brown 8' with Plug
Cord Sets
with Molded Plug
SPT-1 #18/105° Wire
Stripped Ends are 3/4"L
and Tinned at the Tip
Cord, White 8' with Plug
Cord Sets
with Molded Plug
SPT-2 #18/105° Wire
Stripped Ends are 5/8"L
and Tinned at the Tip


Clock Movements, Compact Quartz – Seiko

clock shaft lengthCompact Quartz Seiko Clock Movements. Easy to install. Center shaft mounted. Economical and dependable electronic clock mechanisms for new or replacement clock projects. Accurate to +/- 3-4 minutes a year. Uses 1 AA-size battery (not included).

Clock Movements Battery W/ 1/2" Shaft$4.23$3.66$3.28$2.90$2.61
Clock Movements Battery W/ 1/4" Shaft$4.36$3.77$3.38$2.99$2.70
Clock Movements Battery w 7/16in shaft
Clock Movements Battery W/ 3/4" Shaft$4.78$4.14$3.71$3.28$2.96

Lamp Harps, 2-Piece Lamp Shade Holders


lamp measuring icon 12 Piece Lamp Harps or Shade Holders. Install a 2-PIECE LAMP HARP or SHADE HOLDER on your lamp project & there will be no need to remove the socket if you want to switch Harps later on. Just slip Harp Top off Bottom Clamp & add New Harp Top. Harps snap securely in place.
NOTE: Only Finials threaded 1/4-27 will fit the top of these harps.

Choosing the Correct Size Lamp Shade: Generally, the height of a shade should be the same or sightly shorter than the height of the lamp body. The circumference of the shade’s bottom wire should be approximately 2-1/2 times the circumference of the widest part of the lamp body. The shade should be placed so that it covers the socket when viewed at eye level.

Harp 7"$1.31$1.19$1.07$0.98
Harp 8"$1.43$1.31$1.18$1.09
Harp 9" 2 Piece$2.98$2.72$2.45$2.25
Harp 10"$2.84$2.58$2.32$2.13