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Mid-Range Fire ClayPrice Per Pound2510050010002000
15 Translucent Porcelain ^6151.391.251.090.970.87
16 Grolleg Porcelain ^6#161.441.301.131.010.90
30 Red-Brown Stoneware w/Grog ^6#160.920.830.730.650.59
40 Buff ^4-8#400.910.820.720.650.58
45 Buff ^4-8#450.930.840.740.660.59
50 Tan Stoneware w/ Manganese ^6#500.950.860.760.680.61
55 Off-White Stoneware ^6#550.880.800.700.630.56
60 Brown Stoneware w/Manganese^6#600.970.880.770.690.62
65 White Stoneware ^6#650.970.880.770.690.62
66 White Stoneware w/ Sand ^6#660.950.860.750.670.60
70 Dark Brown Stoneware w/ Manganese ^5#700.990.890.790.700.63
75 Dark toast ^4-6#750.940.850.750.670.60
80 Red-Brown ^4-6#800.980.890.780.700.62
90 Dark Red-Brown ^4-6#900.990.900.790.700.63
B-3 Brown#901.100.990.870.770.69
B-Mix 5#900.920.840.730.660.59
B-Mix 5 w/ GrogBmix 5 grog1.010.920.800.720.64
B-Mix Red 5 w/grog WC 438Bmix 5 grog1.141.030.900.800.72
Frost 6 PorcelainBmix 5 grog1.591.431.251.110.99

Laguna Mid-Range Clay Descriptions

#15 Porcelain Cone 5-6
Translucent porcelain. An excellent grolleg body for throwing thin pieces.
sh 14.9% ab. 0.09 @ C/6

#16 Grolleg Porcelain Cone 5-6
Grolleg Cone 6 porcelain. similar to #15 with more ball clay, making it less white, more plastic and forgiving. Additional silica reduces crazing in some glazes. good for slab forming.
sh 13.9% ab. 0.12 @ C/6

#30 Cone 4 – 8
A medium texture plastic terra cotta body. Compounded with fireclay and medium grog, this clay is ideal for large sculptures and hand built work. This clay may also be thrown on the wheel.
sh 11.0% ab. 2.87 @ C/6

#40 Cone 4 – 8
Buff firing clay. All around medium texture throwing body.
sh. 11.9% ab 2.87 @ C/8

#45 Cone 4 – 6
Buff stoneware for the production potter. Suitable for handbuilding and slab work, this clay is slightly darker than #40 buff. The throwing properties of this clay are excellent
sh. 10.8% ab 1.9 @ C/10

#48 Cone 6
**SPECIAL ORDER** Cone 6 clay for outdoor sculpture. Think large when using this clay. Contains three sizes of grog. Fire cone 5 – 7 in oxidation or at cone 6 reduction for darker color.

#50 Cone 4 – 6
Light sand color with fine black specks. Excellent cone 6 throwing body which enhances glaze colors and effects. There is no better all around throwing body available for the stoneware look. Fine specking shows through glazes enhancing the piece.
sh 12.0% ab. 2.93 @ C/6

#55 Cone 6 – 9
Excellent off white stoneware for wheel work. Some minor specking developed by fireclay enhances the appearance of the piece. Used by many for functional pottery.
sh. 10.8% ab. 1.9 @ C/10

#60 Cone 6 – 9
This clay is compounded to be stoneware clay with specks that bleed through the glaze, giving the appearance of iron burning through the glaze typical to of reduction glazes and clays. A very popular throwing clay for production potters who want to add the speck dimension to their ware.
sh 10.9% ab. 1.7 @ C/9

#65 Cone 6 – 8
White stoneware. Very smooth, excellent for throwing. Most commonly used for production functional whiteware.
sh. 13% ab. 1 @ C/8

#66 Cone 6 – 8
White stoneware, same as # 65 but contains sand for body strength. This clay is best for handbuilding.
sh 12.5% ab 1.5 @ c/8

#70 Cone 4 – 5
Smooth plastic throwing clay, very dark in color features with heavy specking. Excellent glaze effect with dark gray and specks under the glaze.
sh 14.5% ab 1.35 @ C/6

#75 Cone 4 – 6
A wheel and handbuilding clay body. Dark in fired color at cone 6. Iron colorants in body enhance most glaze color developments.
sh 12.2% ab 1.4 @ c/6

#80 Cone 4 – 6
Fires red-brown. Similar to #40. Very plastic for throwing.
sh 14.0% ab .9 @ C/6

#90 Cone 4 – 6
Similar to #80 but darker in color. Formulated with fine grog and redart, this clay is good for outdoor pots as well as functional pottery and sculpture when fired to cone 6.
sh. 13.0% ab .9 @ C/6

B-3 Brown Cone 5
A Pliable clay with smooth grog and color from manganese and iron. Fires almost black when reduced and brown/black in oxidation.
sh 10.0% ab 3.0 @ C/5

B-Mix 5 Cone 5
B-Mix 5 offers the same characteristics enjoyed by the B-Mix 10, but in a cone 5 body!
sh 12.0% ab 2.3 @ C/5

B‑Mix 5 Clay with Grog Cone 5
A very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and minimal speckling.
sh 11.0% ab 2.75 @ C/5

Red B‑Mix 5 Clay with Grog Cone 5
A medium sized grog version of our popular Cone 5 B Mix clay body with the addition of Red clay to achieve a warm Orange Brown color. Very forgiving during drying and good for forming larger sized objects.
sh 9% ab 4 @ C/5

Frost 6 Porcelain Clay Cone 5
An exceptionally white and translucent throwing porcelain for Cone 5-6.
sh 11% ab >1 @ C/5