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Low Fire Cone 06-2
10 White Earthenware ^05clay #100.830.750.660.590.53
10G White Earthenware w/ Grog ^05clay #10g0.840.760.670.600.54
10NW Newton White Earthenware w/Talc ^05clay #10nw0.860.780.680.610.55
10T Earthenware White w/ Talc ^05clay #10t0.800.730.640.580.52
10VW Very White Earthenware ^05clay #10vw0.940.850.750.670.60
12 Buff Earthenware w/ Talc ^05clay #120.850.770.670.600.54
20 Terra Cotta Earthenware ^05clay # 201.020.920.810.720.64
20G Terra Cotta Earthenware w/ Grog ^05clay #20g1.030.930.820.730.65
26 Terra Cotta w/ Grog and Sandclay #260.950.860.750.670.60
EM 210 White Earthenware0.820.740.650.580.52
(Special Order Clays. 2,000lbs minimum.)
Low FirePrice Per Pound2000
125 Black ^2 Special Orderclay #1250.53
150 Red Stoneware C4 smooth (Custom Order 2000 lb min)clay #1500.44

Laguna Low Fire Clay Descriptions

Laguna Low Fire Clay Descriptions 
#10 Cone 06 – 3
Smooth plastic non-talc white firing clay, suitable for throwing and sculpture. Ideal for beginners and school situations. All lowfire commercial glazes fit this body when bisque fired to cone 05.
sh. 8.0% ab. 11.5% @ C/4
#10-T Cone 06 – 3
Smooth plastic clay with small percentage of talc to improve glaze fit. This clay can be used for Raku and Pit firing. Recommended for production potters. Hand-building techniques are a cinch. All commercial glazes fit this clay when bisque fired to cone 04.
sh 8.2% ab. 11.5% @ C/4
#10-G Cone 06 -3
This clay has the same properties as #10 with medium grog for sculptural pieces. Lower shrinkage. An excellent choice for handbuilding in school situations.
sh. 7.8% ab. 11.0 @ C/4
#10-NW Cone 06 – 3
Similar to the old Newton Potters clay. Higher in talc. Less plastic but very satisfactory for all methods of forming. Excellent for smooth Raku. Commercial glazes fit this clay well. Whiter firing than #10-T.
sh. 8.0% ab. 11.0 @ C/4
#10-VW Cone 06 – 3
The whitest low fire earthenware clay available. For all methods of forming. Bisque fire at cone 04 – 05 and glaze fire at cone 06. Fits all commercial glazes.
sh. 8.0% ab. 11.2% @ C/4
#12 Cone 06 – 04
Low fire buff. Contains talc for improved glaze fit. Suitable for both hand-building and throwing, an excellent selection for schools.
sh. 7.0% ab. 12.0 @ C/04
#EM-210 White Earthenware (California Clay) Cone 06-04
This is an all-purpose, smooth modeling clay. It is an excellent clay for beginning techniques such as coil and slab building. The white color makes it an ideal clay for use with low fire glazes.
sh. 5.5% ab. 17% @ C/04
#20 Cone 06 – 4
Smooth plastic terra-cotta colored clay for the wheel. Excellent for hand building as well. Fires to a rich terra cotta red when fired to cone 4.
sh 14.5 % ab .12 @ C/4
#20-G Cone 06 – 4
This clay has the same properties as # 20 with fine grog enhancing strength and reducing shrinkage slightly. An excellent choice for schools.
sh 13.5 % ab. .21 @ C/4
#26 Cone 04 – 1
Terra cotta sculpture. Low fire body that is great for tiles. Contains both grog and sand for body strength.
sh 9.5% ab. 8.6 @ C/1
#100 Cone 06 – 4
Gray brown in color. Smooth plastic throwing body. A Jordan type clay for sculpture and handbuilding. This is an excellent outdoor, sculpture, planter clay when fired to cone 4.
sh. 15% ab. 3 @ C/4
#125 Cone 06 – 4
Our black feature clay. Needs care in firing due to the high content of colorant which will add flux to the clay if overfiring occurs. The unique look of black clay is well worth the extra effort.
sh. 17% ab. 1.6 @ C/4
#150 Cone 06 – 4
Red brown in color, this clay has the same properties as the #100.
sh. 14% ab. 2.2 @ C/4