Are you a potter who would like to donate their N95 masks to the cause? A local potter and nurse, Cathy Mahan is coordinating mask donations. If you would like to donate your masks, please email Cathy Mahan Here

Kiln and Wheel Repairs:
We will not be able to do any in home repairs until further notice. A repair resource page has been set up to guide you to the more common kiln manufacturer repair guides, videos, and contact information. We will be able to ship parts out as soon as we are allowed back into the store.
Repair Resource Page

3/30/2020: Updates regarding CoViD-19

Braintree Supply Store:
The State of Maassachusetts has issued a Stay-In-Place order effective Tuesday, March 24th until April 7th. Braintree will be closed for that time.

Portland Supply Store, Pottery Studio, Cafe and Lena’s:
The State of Maine and the City of Portland have issued a stay-in-place order until April 27th. We must close our Portland store at 5 PM Wednesday March 25th until further notice.

You are welcome to email or leave a voicemail while we are away from the stores.
✉️ Email Our Portland Store(207) 772-4334

✉️ Email Our Braintree Store(781) 848-2772

We are thankful for your understanding and cannot wait to get back to normal operations as soon as it is safe to do so.

– John
General Manager

Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.

Furniture Kits

18” for the Skutt 818, and L&L J-18

(2) – 15 ½” full decagon shelves
(1) – 15 ½” half decagon
1/2”-6” posts, (4) of each

21” for the Skutt 1027-3

(4) – 19” full decagon shelves
(1) – 19” half decagon
1/2”-6” posts, (4) of each


22” for the following kilns: Skutt 1027, L&L J-230 and Paragon S-9

(4) – 22” full decagon shelves, 5/8” thick
(1) – 22” half decagon shelves, 5/8” thick
1/2”-6” posts, (4) of each

(Picture Below)

22” for the Skutt 1018 (2 rings)

(2) – 22” full decagon shelves, 5/8” thick
(1) – 22” half decagon shelves, 5/8” thick
1/2”-6” posts, (4) of each



26” for the Skutt 1227 and L&L J-2900

(7) – 26” half round shelves
2”,4”,6” and 8” posts, (4) of each


Shelf Size16122448100
Shelf 10.25x7/16 Round MEX$21.80$18.45$15.58$13.67$12.71$12.04
Shelf 10X10X1/2 Square RF-104$12.82$10.82$9.11$7.97$7.40$7.00
Shelf 10x3"x 5/8" (Special Cut)$18.44$15.50$12.99$11.31$10.48$9.89
Shelf 10x9.25x1/2 Hexagon RF-147$11.76$10.06$8.61$7.64$7.16$6.82
Shelf 12x12x1/2 Square$12.48$10.60$8.99$7.92$7.39$7.01
Shelf 13x5/8 Full Round RF-136$20.36$17.19$14.48$12.67$11.76$11.13
Shelf 13x6x5/8 Half Round RF-144$11.64$9.82$8.25$7.21$6.69$6.33
Shelf 14x14 1 Square RF239$27.86$23.78$20.29$17.96$16.79$15.97
Shelf 15X15X 5/8 RF-193$27.96$23.56$19.79$17.28$16.02$15.14
Shelf 15x7.5x5/8 Half Round RF-289$16.50$13.92$11.70$10.23$9.49$8.97
Shelf 15x8x1 Half Octagon RF-155$21.55$18.19$15.31$13.39$12.42$11.75
Shelf 15x8x5/8 Half Octagon RF-153$16.10$13.58$11.42$9.98$9.26$8.75
Shelf 16x13x1 Rectangular RF-284$45.81$38.60$32.42$28.30$26.24$24.79
Shelf 16x14x5/8 Rec. RF-187$28.21$23.83$20.07$17.57$16.31$15.44
Shelf 16x15x1 Octagon RF-157$35.19$29.73$25.05$21.93$20.37$19.28
Shelf 16x15x5/8 Full Octagon RF-128$25.50$21.56$18.19$15.94$14.81$14.02
Shelf 16x16x1 Square RF-244$32.60$27.56$23.24$20.37$18.93$17.92
Shelf 16x16x3/4 Sq. RF-223$35.33$29.84$25.13$22.00$20.43$19.33
Shelf 16x16x5/8 Square RF-114$30.94$26.13$22.00$19.25$17.88$16.91
Shelf 16x5/8 Round RF-196$31.25$26.54$22.50$19.81$18.46$17.52
Shelf 16x8x5/8 Half Round RF-197$14.29$12.06$10.15$8.88$8.24$7.80
Shelf 18x16x1 rect. RF-246$37.89$32.05$27.05$23.71$22.05$20.88
Shelf 18x18x5/8 square RF-118$29.58$25.02$21.12$18.51$17.21$16.30
Shelf 19x5/8 Round RF 211$52.54$44.88$38.30$33.92$31.73$30.20
Shelf 19x9.5x5/8 Half RD$34.06$29.81$26.17$23.74$22.52$21.67
Shelf 19x9x5/8 Half Round RF-213$24.57$20.73$17.44$15.25$14.15$13.38
Shelf 20 Half Round 3/4$32.73$28.06$24.05$21.38$20.04$19.11
Shelf 20x10x5/8 Rectangle RF-105$19.22$16.28$13.77$12.09$11.26$10.67
Shelf 20x19x1 Decagon RF-260$51.89$43.87$36.99$32.41$30.12$28.51
Shelf 20x19x5/8 Decagon RF-258$43.89$37.03$31.16$27.24$25.28$23.91
shelf 20x20x 1 RF-166$49.19$41.52$34.95$30.57$28.38$26.85
Shelf 20x9.5x1 Half Decagon RF-261$29.61$24.98$21.00$18.36$17.03$16.10
Shelf 20x9.5x5/8 Half Decagon RF-259$21.97$18.55$15.61$13.66$12.68$12.00
Shelf 21x10.5x 5/8 Half Round RF-138$26.95$22.77$19.19$16.81$15.61$14.78
Shelf 21x10.5x1 Half Round RF-139$32.23$27.21$22.92$20.05$18.62$17.62
Shelf 21x10.5x3/4 Half Round RF-204$32.68$27.98$23.96$21.28$19.94$19.00
Shelf 21x10.5x5/8 half dec Daltile$27.54$23.45$19.94$17.60$16.43$15.61
Shelf 21x21x5/8 Square RF-215$49.48$41.73$35.10$30.67$28.46$26.91
Shelf 21x3/4 Full Round$65.75$56.30$48.20$42.80$40.10$38.21
Shelf 22x10.5x1 Half Decagon RF-168$45.69$38.76$32.82$28.86$26.88$25.49
Shelf 22x10.5x5/8 Half Decagon RF-158$23.32$19.68$16.57$14.49$13.46$12.73
Shelf 22x11x1 RF 233$31.01$26.24$22.15$19.42$18.06$17.10
Shelf 22X11x5/8 Rectangle RF107$22.98$19.43$16.39$14.36$13.35$12.64
Shelf 22x12x1 Rectangle(RF-237)$34.18$28.85$24.28$21.24$19.71$18.65
Shelf 22x18 x 5/8, RF 031$38.95$32.89$27.69$24.22$22.49$21.28
Shelf 22x21x1 Full Decagon RF-159$68.45$57.81$48.69$42.62$39.58$37.45
Shelf 22x21x5/8 Full Decagon RF-109$61.02$51.89$44.07$38.85$36.24$34.42
Shelf 24 x 12 x .394 Nitride Bonded - RF-330$102.70$86.54$72.69$63.46$58.84$55.61
Shelf 24x12x1 Rectangle RF-163$37.04$31.47$26.71$23.53$21.94$20.83
Shelf 24x12x3/4 Rectangle RF-120$29.78$25.19$21.26$18.63$17.32$16.40
Shelf 24x12x5/8 Rectangle RF-111$33.76$28.52$24.03$21.04$19.55$18.50
Shelf 24x16x 5/8 Rectangle RF201$33.22$28.09$23.69$20.76$19.29$18.27
Shelf 24x18x1 Rectangle RF-248$77.39$65.38$55.09$48.22$44.79$42.39
Shelf 24x24x1 RF-249 Rectangle$97.78$82.70$69.78$61.17$56.86$53.85
Shelf 24x18x5/8 Rec. RF-207$48.62$41.00$34.46$30.11$27.93$26.41
Shelf 26x13x1 Half 12 sided RF-263$55.46$47.27$40.25$35.57$33.23$31.60
Shelf 26X13X1 Rect. RF-238$61.36$51.82$43.65$38.20$35.48$33.57
Shelf 26x13x3/4 Half dec (12 sides) RF-049$39.00$32.98$27.83$24.39$22.67$21.47
Shelf 26x13x3/4 Half Round RF-137$57.03$48.62$41.42$36.61$34.21$32.53
Shelf 26x13x3/4 Rect. RF209$53.38$45.08$37.96$33.22$30.85$29.19
Shelf 28 x 11 x 3/4 Rectangle RF-160$35.23$29.96$25.44$22.43$20.92$19.87
Shelf 32x 5/8 Half Round$37.94$32.04$26.99$23.62$21.94$20.76
Shelf 5X5x1/2 Square$7.87$6.67$5.64$4.96$4.61$4.37
Shelf 7x7x1/2 Square RF-130$6.03$5.14$4.37$3.86$3.61$3.43
Shelf 8X8x1/2 Square RF-101$5.72$4.84$4.08$3.58$3.33$3.15
Shelf 9.25x5x1/2 Half Hexagon RF-148$5.35$4.56$3.88$3.43$3.21$3.05
Shelf 9x 7/16" Round MEX$16.84$14.25$12.03$10.55$9.81$9.29
Shelf 9x5 7/8x 1/2 Half Polygon MEX$8.23$6.97$5.90$5.18$4.83$4.58
Shelf Corelite 20x 20x 1$102.29$86.19$72.39$63.19$58.59$55.37
Shelf Corelite 21 5/8 Full Rd$109.87$92.58$77.76$67.88$62.94$59.48
Shelf Corelite 21x10.5x5/8 Half RD$72.53$61.16$51.41$44.91$41.66$39.38
Shelf Corelite 26 Full Round 1" thick$187.15$157.58$132.23$115.33$106.88$100.96
Shelf Corelite 26x13x5/8 Half RD$99.16$83.62$70.30$61.42$56.98$53.87
Shelf Corelite 28 x 14 x 1 PN # 41040$91.21$76.93$64.69$56.53$52.45$49.59