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Sahara Mid/High Fire Glazes (HF) – Cone 5-6

HF Series

Sahara HF Pints – Cone 5/6
HF Pints112244899
HF-1P Black$13.23$9.99$9.34$8.69$7.92
HF-9P Zinc Free Clear$13.33$10.09$9.45$8.80$8.02
HF-10P Clear$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.72$7.94
HF-11P White$13.25$10.01$9.37$8.72$7.94
HF-12P Clear Satin$13.33$10.09$9.44$8.79$8.02
HF-22P Textured Blue (Disconitnued/While Supplies Last)$12.75$9.65$9.03$8.41$7.66
HF-26P Turquoise$13.34$10.10$9.45$8.81$8.03
HF-30P Brown (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$12.72$9.62$9.00$8.38$7.63
HF-31P Rust Brown (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$12.26$9.27$8.68$8.08$7.36
HF-32P Textured Tan (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$12.30$9.31$8.72$8.12$7.40
HF-51P Peach (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$13.07$9.89$9.25$8.61$7.85
HF-53P Lavender (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$16.83$12.70$11.88$11.05$10.06
HF-54P Purple (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$16.83$12.70$11.88$11.05$10.06
HF-55P Coral Gloss$26.32$19.82$18.52$17.22$15.66
HF-56P Red Gloss$26.43$19.93$18.63$17.33$15.77
HF-115P Light Gray (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$19.57$14.77$13.81$12.85$11.70
HF-120P Dark Blue$24.84$18.69$17.46$16.23$14.75
HF-125P Turquoise$15.28$11.53$10.78$10.03$9.13
HF-127P China Blue$20.45$15.38$14.37$13.36$12.14
HF-128P Teal (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$19.55$14.75$13.79$12.83$11.68
HF-129P Baby Blue$15.24$11.49$10.74$9.99$9.09
HF-133P Deco Brown (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$15.17$11.45$10.70$9.96$9.07
HF-134P Straw (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$15.16$11.44$10.69$9.95$9.05
HF-142P Chartreuse$20.35$15.29$14.27$13.26$12.05
HF-159P Burgundy (Discontinued/While Supplies Last)$18.83$14.20$13.28$12.35$11.24
HF-161P Bright Yellow$20.40$15.34$14.33$13.31$12.10
HF-165P Scarlet Red$26.29$19.79$18.49$17.19$15.63
HF-166P Orangerie$26.16$19.66$18.36$17.06$15.50
HF-167P Clementine$26.36$19.86$18.56$17.26$15.70
HF-170P Lilac$26.18$19.68$18.38$17.08$15.52
HF-171P Amethyst$26.08$19.58$18.28$16.98$15.42
Sahara HF Gallons – Cone 5/6
HF Gallons112
HF-9 Zinc Free Clear Gallon$63.56$48.06
HF-10 Clear Gallon$64.61$49.11
HF-12 Clear Satin Gallon$63.86$48.61
Sahara HF Gallons – Cone 5/6
HF Dipping Bucket1
HF-9 Zinc Free Clear Dry 25lb dipping bucket$150.43

Other Glazes may be avilable in Gallons or Dipping Buckets, please call for additional information and pricing.