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Giffin Grip

The Ultimate Trimming Tool!!!
This re-centering tool makes trimming a snap! This tool snaps on and off your wheel head to make trimming easier and quick! Multiple size arms allow you to trim almost any size and shape. Also works great for throwing feet on a pot!


Giffin Grip Parts

Giffin Grip 15 Rods and 15 Hands Pkg.$38.31
Giffin Grip Basic sliders #BS3 Old Style$23.55
Giffin Grip Basic Sliders BBS3 New style$22.93
Giffin Grip Bottom Plate$52.79
Giffin grip Flex III$30.20
Giffin Grip Hand W/Foam set of 3 HF3$11.22
GiffIn Grip O Ring$2.71
Giffin Grip Rod 4 w/ hands set of 3$11.22
Giffin Grip Rod 6 /3pk w/o hands$6.81
Giffin Grip Rod 6 w/hands set of 3$11.29
Giffin Grip Rods 2 with Hands, set of 3$11.23
Giffin Grip Rods 3 w/hands$11.65
Giffin Grip Rods 5$5.24
Giffin Grip Sliders set of 3 WS3$27.66