5/15/2020: Updates regarding CoViD-19

Hours for both Supply Stores are Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM

Braintree Supply Store:
Our Braintree location is open for curbside pick-up.

Portland Supply Store:
We are in the process of moving the Portland Maine Supply store to a new location only two blocks from our old location. You can still submit orders via the emails below. We are open for curbside pick-up. All orders must be emailed or called in and prepaid for ahead of time.

The new address for the Portland, Maine supply store is…

220 Anderson St, Portland Maine 04101

You are welcome to email or leave a voicemail while we are away from the stores.
✉️ Email Our Portland Store(207) 772-4334

✉️ Email Our Braintree Store(781) 848-2772

We are thankful for your understanding and cannot wait to get back to normal operations as soon as it is safe to do so.

– John
General Manager

Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.


Duncan EZ Strokes line are traditional translucent one-stroke underglazes designed for single brushstroke application on greenware for detailed applications of intense color. The Duncan EZ Strokes are able to achieve the highly detailed results because the intensity of the color pigmentation in a finely milled product formula.

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EZ Storkes11224
EZ-005 1oz Sierra Yellow$3.50$2.83$2.50
EZ-006 1oz Forget-Me-Not Blue$2.46$1.97$1.72
EZ-008 Ruby Red 1oz.$3.71$2.96$2.58
EZ-010 French Brown 1oz.$2.46$1.97$1.72
EZ-011 1oz Sienna Brown$3.45$2.76$2.41
EZ-020 1oz Mulberry$3.35$2.68$2.34
EZ-023 1oz Midnight Blue$3.76$3.00$2.62
EZ-031 Light Blue 1oz.$3.35$2.68$2.34
EZ-038 Medium Mahogany 1oz.$3.45$2.75$2.41
EZ-042 1oz Teal$3.71$2.96$2.58
EZ-044 1oz Cobblestone$3.45$2.75$2.41
EZ-066 1oz Morning Glory$3.45$2.75$2.41
EZ-068 1oz Roasted Chestnut$3.45$2.75$2.41
EZ-070 Olive Green 1 oz$2.46$1.97$1.72
EZ-071 Dark Olive 1oz$2.46$1.97$1.72
EZ-074 1oz. Dark Navy$3.76$3.00$2.62
EZ-101 Neon Yellow 1oz$3.71$2.96$2.58
EZ-102 Neon Blue 1oz$3.71$2.96$2.58
EZ-105 Neon Green 1oz$3.71$2.96$2.58