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Shimmer Glazes That Glitter from Duncan!

Let your artistic juices gush with the lovely luster of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes.

These low-fire, food-safe glazes features a sophisticated palette that joins rich color with intense sparkle that is perfect for all-over shimmer or for adding gorgeous accents to your glaze and underglaze projects. Innovative, opulent and fun, treat you to the beauty and sheen of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes.
Created with an innovative new formula that’s never been on the market before, Shimmer Glazes are nontoxic for all ages to use; they’re even not dangerous to decorate dinnerware with! Pair them with Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes and Duncan® Envision Glazes® for endless creative possibilities.

Shimmer Glaze 8oz. 11224
SH-501 Black Diamond6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-502 Hematite6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-503 Peridot6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-504 Emerald6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-505 Aquamarine6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-506 Teal Quartz6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-507 Sapphire6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-508 Ruby6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-509 Zircon Orange6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-510 Ice Blue Topaz6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-511 Amethyst6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-512 Garnet6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-513 Pink Tourmaline6000$7.16$5.37$5.01
SH-514 Yellow Citrine 6000$7.16$5.37$5.01