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Lead -free & food safe! These glazes produce a glossy finish in a variety of bright colors!

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 cc 2 piccc 4pics

Cover Coat Pint11224
CC-101P Arctic White$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-102P Ivory Pearl$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-103P Lotus Yellow$16.96$12.72$11.87
CC-105P Sungold Yellow$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-106P Harvest Gold$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-109P Sunset Pink$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-117P Walnut Brown$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-119P Charcoal$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-126P Spring Green$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-127P Fern Green$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-129P Forest Green$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-131P Teal Blue$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-132P Fiesta Turquoise$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-133P Turquoise$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-135P Lake Blue$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-136P Marlin Blue$17.54$13.16$12.28
CC-142P Canary Yellow$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-145P Indian Red$16.11$12.08$11.28
CC-146P Purple$17.54$13.16$12.28
CC-150P Medium Green$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-153P Avacado$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-159P Bright Blue$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-160P Deep Purple$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-161P Blue Green$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-165P Black Brown$17.54$13.16$12.28
CC-171P Butterscotch$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-172 Pint Plum Blossom$14.80$13.29$11.96
CC-173P Cobblestone$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-174P Kentucky Bluegrass$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-184P Orange Peel$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-186P Tomato Red$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-187P Rustic Red$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-190P Baby Blue$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-191P Mariner Blue$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-194P Red Wagon$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-201P Neon Yellow$17.55$13.16$12.29
CC-202P Neon Blue$18.49$13.94$13.03
CC-203P Neon Chartreuse$16.11$12.08$11.28
CC-204P Neon Orange$17.55$13.17$12.29
CC-205P Neon Green$16.83$12.62$11.78
CC-206P Neon Red$17.55$13.17$12.29

Cover Coat 2 Oz.1122448
CC-101 2oz Arctic White$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-102 Ivory Pearl 2oz$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-103 Lotus Yellow 2oz$3.67$2.93$2.56$2.20
CC-105 2oz Sungold Yellow$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-106 Harvest Gold 2 oz$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-108 2oz Miami Pink$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-109 2oz Sunset Pink$3.75$2.99$2.61$2.25
CC-111 2oz Dresden Flesh$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-112 2oz Light Flesh$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-117 2oz Walnut Brown$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-118 2oz Cobalt Cystal Black$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-119 Charcoal 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-120 2oz Samoa Taupe DISC$3.35$2.68$2.34$2.01
CC-121 Temple Grey 2oz.$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.30
CC-122 Moonstone Grey 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-126 Spring Green 2oz$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-127 2oz Fern Green$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-128 2oz Everglade Green$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-129 2oz Forest Green$3.66$2.92$2.55$2.19
CC-131 Teal Blue 2oz$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-132 2oz Fiesta Turquoise$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-133 2oz Turquoise$3.66$2.92$2.55$2.20
CC-134 Stardust Blue 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-135 2oz Lake Blue$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-136 2oz Marlin Blue$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-137 Regency Purple 2oz.$3.75$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-140 Morocco Red 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-141 2oz Light Yellow$3.75$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-142 Canary Yellow 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-143 2oz Yellow Orange$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-144 2oz Burnt Orange$3.75$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-145 2oz Indian Red$3.65$2.91$2.55$2.19
CC-146 Purple 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-148 Deep Turquoise 2oz$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-150 Medium Green 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-152 2oz Peach$3.51$2.80$2.44$2.10
CC-153 2oz Avacado$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-154 2oz Cobalt Navy Blue$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-156 2oz Medium Brown$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-157 2oz Darkest Brown$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-158 2oz Bright Green$3.35$2.68$2.34$2.01
CC-159 2oz Bright Blue$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-160 Deep Purple 2oz.$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-161 2oz Blue Green$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-163 2oz Danish Blue$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-164 2oz Ice Grey$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-165 Black Brown 2oz.$3.61$2.88$2.51$2.16
CC-171 Butterscotch 2oz.$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-173 2oz Cobblestone$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-174 2oz Kentuck Bluegrass$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-178 Pecos Pink 2oz$3.66$2.92$2.55$2.19
CC-180 2oz Papago Turquoise$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-181 2oz Indian Summer$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-184 2oz Orange Peel$3.66$2.92$2.55$2.19
CC-185 2oz Apricot$3.35$2.68$2.34$2.01
CC-186 2oz Tomato Red$3.65$2.91$2.55$2.19
CC-187 2oz Rustic Red$3.45$2.75$2.41$2.07
CC-188 2oz Lilac$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-190 2oz Baby Blue$3.76$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-191 2oz Marine Blue$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-192 2oz Dark Blue$3.85$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-193 2oz Hunter Green$3.86$3.08$2.69$2.31
CC-194 Red Wagon 2oz.$3.85$3.07$2.68$2.31
CC-201 Neon Yellow 2oz$3.35$2.68$2.34$2.01
CC-202 Neon Blue 2oz$3.35$2.68$2.34$2.01
CC-203 Neon Chartreuse 2oz$3.35$2.68$2.34$2.01
CC-204 Neon Orange$3.75$3.00$2.62$2.25
CC-205 Neon Green 2oz$3.45$2.75$2.41$2.07
CC-206 Neon Red 2oz$6.54$5.22$4.56$3.92