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A note to our customers. This year has been very challenging. Thank you for your patience and commitment to the products and services we provide you. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been hit with a number of set backs that have slowed the processing of most orders. This includes a reduction in staff, following the recommended CDC guidelines, and manufacturing and shipping delays for all ceramic materials and equipment from our vendors. Despite these circumstances we are working hard to come up with creative ideas to quicken our response and get your orders to you as soon as we can.

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Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.

Prices Subject to change. Please call for most up to date prices.

Cone Art Kilns

Known throughout the world for their unique design and unparalleled heat retaining properties, our double insulated kilns feature two heat retaining walls (instead of a single wall of thicker brick). This extremely energy-efficient design uses substantially less electricity than single wall kilns by placing an extra thick layer of block insulation around the exterior of premium quality fire bricks, enabling the kiln to efficiently reach a true cone 10 as well as create the optimum conditions for the most desirable cooling schedule.
· Heavy-duty rust-resistant lid hinges
· Built-in gas struts for easy lid lifting
· Built-in lid prop
· Easy access color coded, air-cooled, hinged wiring panel
· Bartlett V6-CF Automatic Controller or Dawson Kiln Sitter®
· Stainless steel jacket
· Welded stainless steel floor stand
· Floor heating element
· 3 effectively placed thermocouples on all automatic kilns 23” x 27” and up
· Double wall construction


Controller Options:

MX = Kiln Sitter with Timer and Switches (Manual)

BX = Bartlet Multi-Zone Automatic Controller (Computerized)

Portland Pottery Kiln Order Form

SizeModelPhaseInside (W" x H")Outside (W" x H")Cubic FeetAmpsVoltsKilowattsShipping WT.Price
119MX111 x 918 1/8 x 140.7514.51201.7130$1,245
119BX111 x 918 1/8 x 140.7514.51201.7130$1,245
1813MX117 1/2 x 13 1/224 5/8 x 18 1/21.719240/2084.5200$885
1822BX117 1/2 x 22 1/224 5/8 x 27 1/23.332/28240/2086.7220$2,179
1813BX117 1/2 x 13 1/224 5/8 x 18 1/21.719240/2084.5200$1,710
2327MX1 or 323-3/8 X 2730-5/8 x 32754.3/48240/20811.5355$1,384.00
2327BX1 or 323-3/8 X 2730-5/8 x 32754.3/48240/20811.5355$2,800
2818MX128 x 1831 1/2 x 35 1/26.5654.3/48240/20811.5320$1,525
2818BX128 x 1831 1/2 x 35 1/26.5654.3/48240/20811.5320$2,975
2827MX1 or 328 x 2735-1/8 x 331072.6/63240/20815.1420$1,860
2827BX1 or 328 x 2735-1/8 x 331072.6/63240/20815.1420$3,411.83