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Laguna High Fire Cone 10 Glazes

Laguna Cone 10 stoneware glazes are can be fired in either oxidation or reduction. The glazes will be enhanced in a reduction firing. Impurities and trace metals in the clay will react to the carbon in the kiln atmosphere to create spotting. Reduction firing also causes glazes to attain a warm color and smooth, durable surface quality. Each firing will give you unique results. In oxidation the firings will be more controlled but the results may be less spectacular.



Laguna Cone 10 Dry Glazes

Cone 10 Dry15102550100
WCD-520 LB Cone 5-10 #16 Transparent$1.87$1.43$1.33$1.26$1.16$1.07
WCD-522 LB Cone 10 MG-2 White Matte$1.15$0.88$0.82$0.77$0.71$0.66
WCD-525 LB Cone 10 Tenmoku #1$1.63$1.24$1.16$1.10$1.01$0.94
WCD-526 LB Cone 10 Tenmoku #2$1.80$1.38$1.28$1.22$1.12$1.04
WCD-527 LB Cone 10 Chun$2.90$2.31$2.18$2.09$1.95$1.84
WCD-531 LB Cone 10 White Waxie$1.57$1.20$1.12$1.06$0.97$0.91
WCD-532 LB Cone 10 Eggshell$1.74$1.33$1.23$1.17$1.08$1.00
WCD-550 LB Cone 10 Celadon$1.15$0.88$0.82$0.78$0.72$0.67
WCD-553 LB Cone 10 K-9$2.17$1.67$1.55$1.47$1.36$1.26
WCD-554 LB Cone 10 Turquoise Matte$2.73$2.07$1.92$1.82$1.67$1.55
WCD-556 LB Cone 10 Iron Red$1.82$1.39$1.29$1.22$1.12$1.04
WCD-557 LB Cone 10 Blue Brown$1.54$1.18$1.09$1.04$0.95$0.88
WCD-558 LB Cone 5-10 Jons Clear$2.40$1.83$1.69$1.61$1.47$1.37
WCD-559 LB Cone 10 Artificial Salt$3.10$2.35$2.18$2.07$1.90$1.76
WCD-561 LB Cone 10 Crystal Palace 10$4.74$3.59$3.32$3.15$2.88$2.67
WCD-562 LB Cone 5-10 Artificial Salt$2.48$1.89$1.75$1.66$1.52$1.41
SG-82 Brilliant Black$3.08$2.35$2.17$2.06$1.89$1.75
SG-93 Clear ^10$1.17$0.90$0.84$0.79$0.73$0.68
SG-262 Clear ^10$1.99$1.52$1.41$1.34$1.23$1.14
SG-555 Cobalt Masterglaze$7.56$5.72$5.29$5.01$4.59$4.25
SG-556 (MC-41 Peacock)$4.41$3.34$3.09$2.93$2.68$2.49
V-2 Bright Brown-Black cone 10$1.40$1.07$0.99$0.94$0.87$0.80
V-15 Laguna Clear Cone 1-10$2.51$1.91$1.77$1.68$1.54$1.43
V-17 KCNST Dry glaze$1.86$1.42$1.32$1.25$1.15$1.07
V-18 Cone 10 White #41$1.11$0.85$0.79$0.75$0.69$0.65
V-20 Barnard Green cone 10-1$1.33$1.01$0.94$0.89$0.82$0.76
V-21 Flambe blue glaze$3.89$2.96$2.74$2.60$2.38$2.21
V-36 Purple surprise$2.15$1.64$1.52$1.44$1.32$1.23
V-37 Copper Red$2.74$2.09$1.94$1.84$1.68$1.56