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Duncan Concepts Underglazes

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Concept Underglaze 8 Oz.1122448100
CN-011 Light Straw 8oz$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-021 8oz Light Saffron$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-022 8 oz. Br. Saffron$6.92$5.19$4.84$4.50$4.08
CN-031 Light Butternut 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-033 8oz Dark Butternut$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-041 8oz Light Papaya$6.64$4.98$4.65$4.31$3.92
CN-042 Bright Papaya 8oz$6.97$5.23$4.88$4.53$4.11
CN-043 Dk Papaya 8oz$7.96$6.35$5.55$4.77$3.88
CN-052 8oz Bright Tangerine$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-063 Dark Salsa 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-072 8oz Bright Scarlet$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-073 Dark Scarlet 8oz$6.45$4.84$4.52$4.19$3.81
CN-074 8oz Really Red$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-081 Light Wine 8oz$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-082 Bright Wine 8oz$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-083 8oz Dark Wine$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-101 8 oz Light Heather$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-102 Bright Heather 8oz$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-103 Dark Heather 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-111 8oz Light Delft$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-112 8oz Bright Delft$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-113 8oz Dark Delft$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-121 Light Nautical 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-123 8OZ. Dark Nautical$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-131 8oz Light Tide Pool$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-132 8oz Bright Tidepool$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-141 Light Aqua 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-142 8oz Bright Aqua$6.96$5.22$4.87$4.52$4.11
CN-151 8oz Light Blue Spruce$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-161 Light Wintergreen 8oz$5.97$4.47$4.18$3.88$3.52
CN-171 Light Kelp 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-172 8 oz Bright Kelp$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-173 Dark Kelp 8oz.$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-181 8oz Light Kiwi$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-182 Bright Kiwi 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-191 Light Ivy 8oz$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-201 8oz Light Gray$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-202 Bright Gray 8oz$6.64$4.98$4.65$4.31$3.92
CN-203 Dark Gray 8oz$6.64$4.98$4.65$4.31$3.92
CN-211 8oz Light Taupe$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-212 8oz Bright Taupe$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-221 Light Blush 8oz$6.64$4.98$4.65$4.31$3.92
CN-222 Bright Blush 8oz$6.64$4.98$4.65$4.31$3.92
CN-232 8oz Bright Briarwood$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-233 8oz Dk Brairwood$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-241 8oz White$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-244 Really White 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-253 8oz Dark Black$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-262 Bright Grape 8oz$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-263 Dark Grape 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-271 8oz Light Jade$6.19$4.64$4.33$4.02$3.65
CN-272 8oz Bright Jade$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-281 Light Brown 8oz$6.64$4.98$4.65$4.31$3.92
CN-282 Bright Brown 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-291 Light Purple 8oz$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-292 Bright Purple 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-293 Dark Purple 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-302 8oz Bright Carribean$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-311 Light Ginger 8oz$6.98$5.23$4.89$4.54$4.12
CN-312 8oz Bright Ginger$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-313 Dark Ginger 8 oz$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-341 8oz Light Pink$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-342 Bright Pink 8oz$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
CN-343 Dark Pink 8oz$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-501 Neon Yellow 8oz$6.94$5.20$4.86$4.51$4.09
CN-503 Neon Chartreuse 8oz$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-504 8oz Neon Orange$5.96$4.47$4.17$3.88$3.52
CN-505 8oz Neon Green$7.16$5.37$5.01$4.66$4.23
Concept Underglaze Pints1122448100
CN-022P Bright Saffron$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-042P Bright Papaya$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-043P Dk Papaya$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-052P Bright Tangerine$13.35$10.01$9.35$8.68$7.88
CN-062P Bright Salsa$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-074P Really Red$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-113P Dk Delft$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-191P Light Ivy$12.92$9.69$9.04$8.40$7.62
CN-232P Bright Briarwood$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-241P White$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-253P Dk Black$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-311P Light Ginger$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-332P Bright Olive$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-341P Light Pink$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-502P Neon Blue$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-510P Earthen Moss$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-511P Sunflower Yellow$14.66$11.00$10.30$9.55$8.70
CN-512 Green Apple pt$12.92$9.69$9.04$8.40$7.62

*Discontinued in 2 Oz*

ProductName 0 12
ProductName 0 12
CN-011 2oz Concept Light Straw $3.35 $2.68
CN-012 2oz Concept Bright Straw $3.35 $2.68
CN-013 2oz Concept Dark Straw $3.35 $2.68
CN-021 2oz Concept Light Saffron $3.06 $2.45
CN-022 2oz Concept Bright Saffron $3.51 $2.80
CN-031 2oz Concept Light Butternut $3.08 $2.47
CN-032 2oz Concept Bright Butternut $3.35 $2.68
CN-041 2oz Concept Light Papaya $3.35 $2.68
CN-042 2oz Concept Bright Papaya $3.93 $3.14
CN-052 2oz Concept Bright Tangerine $3.07 $2.46
CN-061 2oz Concept Light Salsa $3.50 $2.80
CN-062 2oz Concept Bright Salsa $3.35 $2.68
CN-063 Concept Dark Salsa $3.51 $2.80
CN-071 2oz Concept Light Scarlet $3.35 $2.68
CN-072 2oz Concept Bright Scarlet $3.35 $2.68
CN-073 2oz Concept Dark Scarlet $3.51 $2.80
CN-074 Really Red 2oz $3.50 $2.80
CN-081 2oz Concept Light Wine $3.35 $2.68
CN-082 2oz Concept Bright Wine $3.50 $2.80
CN-083 2oz Concept Dark Wine $3.35 $2.68
CN-101 2oz Concept Light Heather $3.16 $2.53
CN-102 2oz Concept Bright Heather $3.35 $2.68
CN-103 2oz Concept Dark Heather $3.35 $2.68
CN-111 2oz Concept Light Delft $3.35 $2.68
CN-113 2oz Concept Dark Delft $3.35 $2.68
CN-121 2oz Concept Light Nautical $3.35 $2.68
CN-122 2oz Concept Bright Nautical $3.35 $2.68
CN-123 2oz Concept Dark Nautical $3.44 $2.74
CN-132 2oz Concept Bright Tidepool $3.35 $2.68
CN-133 2oz Concept Dark Tidepool $3.51 $2.80
CN-141 2oz Concept Light Aqua $3.35 $2.68
CN-142 2oz Concept Bright Aqua $3.62 $2.89
CN-151 2oz Concept Light Blue Spruce $3.61 $2.88
CN-152 2oz Concept Bright Blue Spruce $3.51 $2.80
CN-153 2oz Concept Dark Blue Spruce $3.51 $2.80
CN-161 2oz Concept Light Wintergreen $3.35 $2.68
CN-163 2oz Concept Dark Wintergreen $3.35 $2.68
CN-171 2oz Concept Light Kelp $3.35 $2.68
CN-172 2oz Concept Bright Kelp $3.35 $2.68
CN-173 2oz Concept Dark Kelp $3.35 $2.68
CN-181 2oz Concept Light Kiwi $3.51 $2.80
CN-182 2oz Concept Bright Kiwi $3.35 $2.68
CN-183 2oz Concept Dark Kiwi $3.83 $3.06
CN-202 2oz Concept Bright Gray $3.35 $2.68
CN-211 2oz Concept Light Taupe $3.35 $2.68
CN-212 2oz Concept Bright Taupe $3.50 $2.80
CN-232 2oz Concept Bright Briarwood $3.35 $2.68
CN-233 2oz Dk Briarwood $3.50 $2.80
CN-241 2oz Concept White $3.35 $2.68
CN-253 2oz Concept Dark Black $3.35 $2.68
CN-261 2oz Concept Light Grape $3.06 $2.45
CN-262 2oz Concept Bright Grape $3.35 $2.68
CN-263 2oz Concept Dark Grape $3.35 $2.68
CN-271 2oz Concept Light Jade $3.35 $2.68
CN-272 2oz Concept Bright Jade $3.35 $2.68
CN-281 2oz Concept Light Brown $3.35 $2.68
CN-282 2oz Concept Bright Brown $3.35 $2.68
CN-291 2oz Concept Light Purple $3.35 $2.68
CN-292 2oz Concept Bright Purple $3.74 $2.99
CN-293 2oz Concept Dark Purple $3.35 $2.68
CN-302 2oz Concept Bright Caribbean $3.35 $2.68
CN-311 Light Ginger 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-312 Bright Ginger 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-313 Dark Ginger 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-321 Light Plum $3.35 $2.68
CN-322 Bright Plum 2oz $3.61 $2.88
CN-323 Dark Plum 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-331 Light Olive $3.35 $2.68
CN-331 Light Olive 8oz $7.96 $6.35
CN-332 Bright Olive 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-333 Dark Olive 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-341 Light Pink 2oz $2.55 $2.05
CN-342 Bright Pink 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-343 Dark Pint 2oz $2.53 $2.03
CN-501 Neon Yellow 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-502 8oz Neon Blue $8.51 $6.79
CN-502 Neon Blue 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-504 Neon Orange 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-505 Neon Green 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-506 Neon Coral 2oz $3.35 $2.68
CN-507 Neon Red 2oz $3.35 $2.68