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All stocked bats are drilled 10” to fit Brent, Pacifica, Shimpo, Creative Industries and most other standard-drilled wheel heads. Bats can be special ordered to fit any specification or can be ordered without pinholes

Bat Pins: $2.00 a pair. Available with or without nuts

Adapt-A-Bat Pins: $1.35

Black Plastic Bats

Bat Plastic 12in NEHB$10.14$8.89$7.64$6.64$6.14$5.89
Bat Plastic 14in NEHB$16.21$14.21$12.21$10.61$9.81$9.41
Bat Plastic 16in NEHB$26.06$22.81$19.56$16.96$15.66$15.01
Bat Plastic 18in NEHB$30.24$26.49$22.74$19.74$18.24$17.49

Creative Industries Bats

Bat Creative Ind. 12in$10.05$8.84$7.63$6.66$6.18$5.93
Bat Creative Ind. 14in$10.69$9.35$8.02$6.95$6.41$6.15
Bat Creative Ind. 7 1/2in square$6.81$5.97$5.12$4.45$4.12$3.95


Super high quality hydrostone (plaster) bats with rubber inset bat pin receivers. These bats are expensive but worth it! Plaster lets your pots pop of without undercutting!

Bat hydrobat 10 (requires adapter)$8.77$8.34$7.84$7.52$7.40
Bat Hydrobat 12.5$17.57$16.96$16.26$15.82$15.65
Bat Hydrobat 14$19.77$19.07$18.27$17.77$17.57
Bat Hydrobat 16$25.24$24.33$23.29$22.64$22.38
Bat Hydrobat 18$34.20$33.01$31.65$30.80$30.46
Bat Hydrobat 20$47.96$46.24$44.28$43.05$42.56
Bat hydrobat 6 mini (requires mini bat adapter)$6.44$6.17$5.85$5.65$5.57
Bat hydrobat 6 mini bat adapter$23.05$21.97$20.74$19.97$19.66
Bat Hydrobat 8.5(Requires Adapter)$7.80$7.44$7.03$6.77$6.67
Bat hydrobat bat adapter (for 10 and 8.5")$25.11$23.92$22.56$21.71$21.37

Masonite Bats

7/32″ thick high quality masonite.

Bat 12 Tempered Hardboard(Masonite)$6.16$5.52$4.87$3.90$3.37$3.11
Bat 14 Tempered Hardboard(Masonite)$7.85$7.02$6.20$4.96$4.27$3.94

Medex Bats

Bat Medex 12 3/8"$11.39$10.19$8.99$7.19$6.19$5.71
Bat Medex 14 3/8"$12.87$11.52$10.17$8.14$7.02$6.48
Bat Medex 16 3/8"$15.60$13.95$12.30$9.82$8.45$7.79
Bat Medex 18 3/8"$21.22$18.97$16.72$13.35$11.47$10.57
Bat Medex 22 3/8"$28.32$25.32$22.32$17.82$15.32$14.12


Durable High Impact Plastic!

Bat Plastibat 8in$8.57$7.51$6.45$5.60$5.18$4.96
Bat Plastibat 9in Square$10.76$9.45$8.14$7.09$6.56$6.30
Bat Plastibat 10in$12.04$10.55$9.06$7.87$7.28$6.98
Bat Plastibat 12in$16.75$14.69$12.62$10.97$10.15$9.74
Bat Plastibat 12in No Holes$11.09$9.73$8.38$7.29$6.74$6.47
Bat Plastibat 14in$19.15$16.79$14.42$12.52$11.57$11.10
Bat Plastibat 16in$30.21$26.47$22.73$19.73$18.23$17.48
Bat Plastibat 18in$39.65$34.78$29.91$26.02$24.07$23.10
Bat Plastibat 20in$47.44$41.57$35.70$31.01$28.66$27.49