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Banding Wheels



Ceramic Supply


shimpo banding wheels

Shimpo’s banding wheels are used for decorating, sculpting, carving and hand building. Designed to provide reliably smooth and even rotation for the most delicate applications. In five different models, we offer a selection of wheel-head diameters and heights. Model BW-30M has a 11 3/4″ diameter and 4 3/4″ height, Model BW-25H has a 9 7/8″ diameter and 7 1/2″ height, Model BW-25L has a 9 7/8″ diameter and 2 1/4″ height, Model BW-22L has a 8 3/4″ diameter and 2 1/4″ height, and Model BW-18L has a 7″ diameter and 2 1/4″ height.

Banding Wheel BW-18L$52.61
Banding Wheel BW-22L 8 3/4$62.46
Banding Wheel BW-25L Shimpo 9 7/8 x 2.25"$84.48
Banding Wheel BW-25H Shimpo 9 7/8x7.25"$94.59
Banding Wheel BW-30 Shimpo 11 3/4$111.72


amaco banding wheel

This decorating wheel features an all aluminum 7″ diameter head with concentric circles, rotates on a ball bearing, and is weighted at the rim for greater momentum.

It has drilled extensions for attaching to table. The wheel shank is grooved to accommodate a small round belt for mechanization.

Banding Wheel Amaco Metal 7$28.00

Ceramic Supply


ceramic supply plastic banding wheel

Excellent for sculpting, modeling, glazing, and decorating, Richeson’s Plastic Banding Wheel is ruggedly constructed from heavy-duty plastic for long service.

The wheel has concentric rings and 45° lines to assist with centering. It measures 8″ in diameter and 1½” high, and rotates on three ball bearings for smooth, stable turning.

ceramic supply cs01 02

These Sculpture stands are designed with steel tops and cast iron bases. Bearing drive and no skid rubber bottoms.

Banding Wheel CS-01 7 (While Supplies Last)$19.75
Banding Wheel CS-02 12 (While Supplies Last)$32.17
Banding Wheel Wright (Plastic)$9.28