A Trio of Surfacing Techniques

With Kelsey Weber

June 1st and 2nd 10:00-2:30 $130.00 ( Portland Pottery Students $ 90.00 )

This two day hands-on workshop will be an exercise in expanding your options for surface design. Each participant will be provided three pieces to experiment with. The first will be leather hard and will be for learning slip techniques. The second will be bone dry and used with underglaze. The final piece will be bisqued for wax resist to introduce elements of control to the variability of cone ten reduction firing.

Kelsey Weber received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics with a minor in Public Engagement from Maine College of Art in 2015. In the years since she has been making pots in Maine, and seeing what she can of ceramics around the world. Most recently you can find her mixing glazes and recycling clay as a studio tech at Portland Pottery. She also regularly teaches both children and adults in the many different capacities Portland Pottery has to offer.

In her own work, surface is the motivating factor. Focusing on larger vessels and platters, she uses clay to build canvases for ample surface design. Pieces are made with imagery already in mind, and no detail is too small. Kelsey has been accepted at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Cardiff, Wales for a masters in ceramics. She will be leaving for the United Kingdom in August, and is looking forward to sharing what she knows with Portland Pottery students before she sets off.