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We thank our customers for being so patient during this time. We are getting orders ready as quickly as possible. After you have placed an order, please wait for a call or email back from us confirming your order is ready before coming to pick it up.

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Bricks & Blankets


Brick G-23 #1 Arch (4.77 deg)$7.00
Brick G-23 #2 Arch (9.53 deg)$7.00
Brick G-23 Insulating Str. 9x4.5x2.5$6.42$5.82$5.52$5.22$4.92
Brick G-26 #1 Arch$10.48$9.47$8.96$8.46$7.95
Brick G-26 #2 Arch$7.46$6.72$6.35$5.98$5.61
Brick G-26 Insulating Str. 9x4.5x2.5$8.63$7.81$7.40$6.99$6.58

Insulating Bricks (soft)

Straight Brick = 9” x 4½” x 2½”
Arch #1 – Tapers to 2⅛ “
Arch #2 – Tapers to 1¾”
Arch #3 – Tapers to 1”

Hard Brick

Straight brick = 9” x 4½” x 2½”
Soap – 9” x 2½” x 2½”
Splits – 9” x 4½ x 1

Other brick types and sizes are available upon request, please call for a quote.

Inswool Fiber Blanket

Inswool is sold by the square foot, comes in rolls that are two feet wide

Inswool 2300 Degree Cerablanket (sold by SqFt)$4.33$3.91$3.70$3.48$3.27$2.95$2.70$2.59
Inswool 2600 Degree Durablanket 2600 (sold by SqFt)$5.27$4.75$4.49$4.23$3.97$3.58$3.27$3.14