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Clean Up Tools

Cleanup Tools present a variety of shapes and sizes of blades to accommodate the ordinary as well as the intricate cleanup job. All blades are made from high quality stainless steel with a double edge keenly sharpened.

B3-Top K23-Middle K24-Bottom

clean up tools 1

BB X$3.85$2.97$2.68$2.24$2.10
DB X Greenware Brush$4.68$3.63$3.28$2.76$2.58
DBS X$3.26$2.51$2.26$1.89$1.77
DBSL Ball Stylus Lg.$3.46$2.67$2.41$2.01$1.88
DBSS X$3.18$2.45$2.21$1.85$1.72
K-20 X Recess Smoother$4.25$3.32$3.02$2.56$2.40
K-23 X Clean Up Tool$3.49$2.70$2.44$2.04$1.91
K-24 X Clean Up Tool$3.67$2.83$2.55$2.13$1.99

Cut Out Tools

Cut Out Tools15102550
COH X$3.74$2.89$2.61$2.18$2.04
COR X$4.19$3.23$2.92$2.44$2.28

Carving Tools

Kemper Finger Tools is designed for cleaning and shaping the delicate fingers and toes of porcelain greenware figurines. Slightly longer than the detail carving tools, this blade is also formed and precision ground to a sharp point.

kemper k-26

 Kemper Detail Carving Tools will easily carve small and miniature details. They are perfect for that extra touch. The steel blades are formed and precision ground to a razor sharp point. The small tip has a .030″ wide point while the large tips point is .057″ wide. Both tips are set in a comfortable hard-wood handle.

dcs kemper tool

Kemper Tools15102550

Fettling Knives

These knives are used to trim the pour-hole waste and remove mold marks from cast greenware.  They are also useful for many trimming, carving, and sculpting tasks.  The soft, steel blade may be bent as desired, while the hard-tempered blade has the spring-like feel of conventional knife blades.  Blades on both knives are 4 1/2″ long and are set in smooth, wooden handles.

fettling knives

Kemper Tools15102550
F 96 X Fettling Knife (Soft)$5.87$4.54$4.10$3.43$3.21
F 97 X Fettling Knife (Hard)$5.88$4.55$4.11$3.45$3.23

Handle Makers

handle maker 1 aND 2

When drawn through a slab of clay, these tools form perfectly shaped clay lengths that can be readily cut to length and attached to ceramic vessels as handles.  The special inside taper on the cutters compresses the clay as it is cut, imparting a smooth finish to the clay handle.

These tools are made with stainless steel ends that are firmly set in smooth hardwood handles.

Kemper Tools15102550
HM1 X Handle Maker$3.07$2.37$2.14$1.79$1.68
HM2 X Handle Maker$3.07$2.37$2.14$1.79$1.68

Lace Tools

lace tools 1.

Lace tools are designed to facilitate the applications of slip-soaked lace to greenware boxes, figurines, etc. Several needle types are available and the A3R and A3N offer a special foot used for pressing lace in place.  The curved, pointed blades described are used for pressing lace and also cleanup and graffito work.  The lace tools are also used for working in wax.

Fine, sharp needle; curved, pointed stainless steel blade; 5/16″ diameter handle

Kemper Tools15102550
A3N X Lace Tool$3.31$2.58$2.34$1.97$1.85
A3R X$3.14$2.44$2.20$1.85$1.73
AB X$3.24$2.52$2.27$1.91$1.79

kemper loop toolsLoop Tools

Loop tools are used to remove controlled amounts of clay from wheel-thrown and sculpture pieces.  The shaped cutting heads are made from heavy stainless steel ribbon with sharpened edges.  Each tool, with its rugged hardwood handle, ensures a sure grip and easy manipulation in wet clay.  The widest portion of each head is indicated.

Loop Tool15102550
LT1 X Loop Tool$4.78$3.82$3.50$3.02$2.86
LT2 X Loop Tool$4.84$3.86$3.53$3.04$2.88
LT3 X Loop Tool$4.17$3.24$2.93$2.46$2.30
LT4 X Loop Tool$4.44$3.51$3.19$2.73$2.57
LT5 X Loop Tool$4.46$3.53$3.22$2.75$2.60
LT6 X Loop Tool$4.22$3.29$2.98$2.51$2.35
LT7 X Loop Tool$4.42$3.44$3.11$2.62$2.45
LT8 X Loop Tool$4.24$3.30$2.99$2.53$2.37

Misc Tools

8RSS Sculpting Set$22.01$17.03$15.37$12.88$12.05
CB Cleaning Block$1.74$1.34$1.21$1.01$0.94
CBBH X (Heavy Bead Bar)$8.94$6.88$6.20$5.17$4.83
CHJ Cone Holders$4.20$3.23$2.91$2.43$2.27
CHS Cone Holders$4.92$3.78$3.40$2.84$2.65
CLS Clay Lift Set$8.81$6.90$6.26$5.31$4.99
CUB X$6.10$4.76$4.31$3.64$3.42
DBSS X$3.18$2.45$2.21$1.85$1.72
DCL X$5.09$3.98$3.61$3.05$2.86
DPC X$4.17$3.24$2.93$2.46$2.31
DSS set (D1,2,3,7,10)$20.59$15.87$14.30$11.94$11.16
ELP Element Pins (Set of 12)$3.84$2.97$2.67$2.23$2.09
ELS Element Staples (Set of 12)$4.59$3.54$3.19$2.66$2.49
FCR-X Roller$4.10$3.25$2.96$2.54$2.40
FT-451 Heavy Duty Sculpting Tool$5.83$4.59$4.17$3.55$3.35
FT-452 Fleshing Tool$5.66$4.49$4.09$3.50$3.31
FWPL Fluid Writer Lg$12.53$9.64$8.68$7.23$6.75
FWPS Fluid Writer Sm.$12.53$9.64$8.68$7.23$6.75
HTS High Temp Wire(Kemper)$4.03$3.13$2.83$2.38$2.23
K-31 Zig Zag Tool$5.19$4.12$3.76$3.22$3.05
K-45 Klay Gun$17.32$13.45$12.17$10.24$9.59
K-45 DS Replacement Screen$3.42$2.63$2.37$1.98$1.85
K-46 Leaf Cutter set$11.01$8.50$7.66$6.41$5.99
K-50 Kemper Rose Cutter Set$11.02$8.51$7.68$6.42$6.01
KDS13 Decorating Set(1&3)$15.65$12.07$10.88$9.09$8.50
KSP1 X$5.69$4.40$3.97$3.32$3.11
KSP4 X$5.64$4.36$3.93$3.29$3.07
LFC Lady Finger Tool$4.71$3.73$3.40$2.91$2.74
LFM Lady Finger Tool$4.71$3.73$3.40$2.91$2.74
RS100 Rubber Scrubber 100 Grit$2.07$1.66$1.52$1.31$1.24
RS220 Rubber Scrubber 220 Grit$1.99$1.57$1.43$1.22$1.15
RTC Kemper Rubber Texture Comb$7.37$5.76$5.22$4.42$4.15
SBR Saber Saw$5.51$4.42$4.06$3.51$3.33
SBT Spatter Brush$6.95$5.39$4.87$4.08$3.82
SCP-X Plastic Handle Scalpel$4.65$4.19$4.03$3.80$3.73
SLD Scratch and lift Duster$6.40$4.93$4.44$3.70$3.46
SLT Scratch and lift Tool$2.72$2.09$1.88$1.57$1.46
SMS X Stilt Mark Stone$3.30$2.58$2.34$1.98$1.86
STB X Slip Trailing Bottle$4.37$3.40$3.08$2.60$2.43
STH-X Sculpturs Thumb$8.10$6.26$5.65$4.72$4.42
SWZ Swizzle Stick$2.96$2.28$2.05$1.71$1.60
WE8A-x Wire and Wood Tool 8$6.93$5.36$4.84$4.06$3.80
WE8C-x 8Wire and Wood Tool 8$8.25$6.35$5.72$4.77$4.45
WE8D-x 8Wire and Wood Tool 8"$6.80$5.23$4.71$3.93$3.67
WE8E-x 8Wire and Wood Tool 8"$8.83$6.84$6.18$5.19$4.86
WOT Wipe out Tool$6.47$5.02$4.54$3.81$3.57

Needle Tools

kemper needle tools

Potter’s Needle – Heavy Duty (PNH)

Cut through and remove the uneven top edge of wheel-thrown items.  The large, 1-15/16” long, sharp, heat-treated steel needle is set in a 1/2” diameter hardwood handle for a sturdy grip.

Pro Tool (PRO)

Used to cut heavy clay strips, designs and holes, this tool is used with many art mediums for a wide variety of uses – too many to name! This 6-5/8” long tool has a sharp steel needle and is firmly set in a textured aluminum handle providing a firm grip for wet hands.

Potter’s Cut-Off Needle (PCN)

A necessity for all potters, this 1-15/16” long, thin heat-treated steel needle makes a clean smooth cut with a minimum of drag when removing the uneven top edge of thrown items.

Needle Tool15102550
PCN Needle Tool$1.12$0.86$0.78$0.65$0.61
PNH Needle Tool Heavy$1.89$1.46$1.32$1.11$1.04
PRO X Needle Tool$2.62$2.03$1.83$1.54$1.44

Sculpture Tools

kemper sculpting tools

FW11 Heavy Duty Sculpting Tool  Designed to with stand the heavy side loads encountered when working on large sculpture and wheel thrown pieces. This tool is made of sharpened stainless steel flat ribbon and is assembled with heavy duty brass ferrules. It’s contoured hardwood handle makes a comfortable fit for any size hand.

Sculpture Tools15102550
FW11 X Sculpturing Tool$4.97$4.03$3.72$3.25$3.09
FW12-X Sculpturing Tool$4.53$3.59$3.27$2.80$2.64
FW21-X Sculpturing Tool$3.34$2.57$2.31$1.93$1.80
FW22-X Sculpturing Tool$3.34$2.57$2.31$1.93$1.80
FW31-X Sculpturing Tool$4.28$3.33$3.02$2.55$2.39
FW32-X Sculpturing Tool$3.90$3.00$2.70$2.25$2.10

Sgraffito Tools

Sgraffito Tools15102450
BSL X$2.99$2.31$2.08$1.74$1.62
BSS X$3.06$2.40$2.18$1.85$1.74
DBS X$3.26$2.51$2.26$1.89$1.77
DBSL Ball Stylus Lg.$3.46$2.67$2.41$2.01$1.88
K-27-X Sgraffito Tool$3.65$2.81$2.53$2.12$1.98
WLS-X Sgraffito Tool$3.73$2.88$2.59$2.17$2.03
WS Wire Stylus$4.67$3.60$3.25$2.71$2.53

Texture Tools

Kemper Texture Tools15102550
DG1 Texturing Brush$4.48$3.46$3.12$2.61$2.44
FTB X Feathered Texture Brush (straight)$3.21$2.48$2.24$1.87$1.75
SWB Scratch Tool (bent)$4.09$3.16$2.85$2.38$2.23
WG-2 X Texture Brush$4.03$3.11$2.81$2.35$2.19

Wire Ends Tools

Kemper Tools15102550
D1 X 6" Double End Tool$4.38$3.38$3.05$2.55$2.38
D10 6" Double End Tool$4.58$3.54$3.19$2.67$2.49
D2 6" Double End Tool$4.39$3.39$3.05$2.55$2.39
D3 6" Double End Tool$4.66$3.59$3.24$2.71$2.53
D4 6" Double End Tool$4.66$3.60$3.24$2.71$2.53
D6 X 6" Double End Tool$4.39$3.39$3.06$2.56$2.39
D7 X 6" Double End Tool$4.39$3.39$3.06$2.56$2.39
D8 6" Double End Tool$4.52$3.49$3.15$2.63$2.46
D9 6" Double End Tool$4.33$3.34$3.01$2.52$2.35
W1D Wire and Wood Tool$7.10$5.47$4.93$4.11$3.84
W-21 Wire and Wood Tool$5.34$4.12$3.71$3.09$2.89
W-22 Wire and Wood Tool$5.34$4.11$3.70$3.09$2.88

Wood Modeling Tools

ja tools

    • Used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pottery pieces.
  • All are 6″ in length.
  • Available individually or as a set of 12

JA-104-X Wood Modeling Tool 6$1.76$1.36$1.23$1.03$0.97
JA-12 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.90$1.47$1.32$1.10$1.03
JA-13 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.94$0.88
JA-132-X Wood Modeling Tool 8$1.73$1.34$1.22$1.02$0.96
JA-137 Wood Modeling Tool 8$1.71$1.33$1.20$1.01$0.94
JA-14 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-15 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.59$1.23$1.10$0.92$0.86
JA-16 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.93$1.49$1.35$1.13$1.05
JA-17 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-18 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-19 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-20 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-22 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-24 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.91$1.55$1.43$1.25$1.19
JA-28 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.62$1.26$1.14$0.96$0.90
JA-3 wooden modeling tool$2.20$1.76$1.62$1.39$1.32
JA-32 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.78$1.42$1.30$1.12$1.06
JA-37 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.59$1.23$1.10$0.92$0.86
JA-4 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.94$0.88
JA-5 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.60$1.24$1.12$0.93$0.87
JA-6 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.59$1.23$1.11$0.93$0.87
JA-7 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.78$1.37$1.24$1.03$0.97
JA-8 6 Wood Modeling Tool$1.94$1.50$1.35$1.13$1.05
JAS Wooden Tool Set 12pc$16.21$12.57$11.36$9.54$8.94

wt tools

WT-1 X$3.94$3.04$2.74$2.29$2.14
WT-2 X$4.42$3.41$3.08$2.57$2.41
WT-3 X$4.30$3.32$2.99$2.50$2.33
WT-4 X$4.42$3.41$3.08$2.57$2.41
WT-5 X$4.09$3.15$2.84$2.37$2.21
WT-6 X$4.50$3.48$3.14$2.62$2.45
WT-11 X$4.27$3.29$2.96$2.47$2.31
WT-12 X$4.58$3.53$3.18$2.66$2.48
WT-15 X$4.58$3.54$3.19$2.66$2.49
WT-16 X Wood Tool$4.65$3.60$3.25$2.72$2.55
WT-18 X Wood Tool$4.47$3.45$3.11$2.60$2.43
WT-19 X$4.62$3.56$3.21$2.68$2.51
WT-20 X$4.76$3.71$3.36$2.84$2.66
WT-21 X$4.21$3.25$2.93$2.45$2.29
WT-22 X$4.41$3.40$3.07$2.57$2.40
WT-26 X$4.43$3.42$3.09$2.58$2.42
WT-27 X$4.31$3.33$3.00$2.51$2.34
WT-28 X$4.34$3.35$3.02$2.53$2.36
WT-29 X$4.32$3.33$3.00$2.51$2.35


This group of tools offers some of the most popular shapes for cutting, slicing, smoothing, and contouring of large clay work pieces.

402 X 10 Wood Modeli$6.52$5.12$4.65$3.95$3.72
404 X 10 Wood Modeli$6.45$5.03$4.55$3.84$3.60
406 X 10 Wood Model$6.75$5.34$4.88$4.17$3.94

bas x

Kemper Tools15102550
Bas X$1.67$1.29$1.16$0.97$0.91

Other Tools

doo woo ongi tools

doo woo more

Doo Woo Tools1510
Doo Woo 1-3$4.12$3.54$2.95
Doo Woo 1-5 Needle BLUE$2.80$2.40$2.01
Doo Woo 1-8$14.80$12.69$10.59
Doo Woo 2-14$2.39$2.05$1.71
Doo Woo Dagger 4-2 Ongi$6.51$5.58$4.65
Doo Woo Dagger 4-2B$6.11$5.32$4.53
Doo Woo Needle 1-5$3.77$3.24$2.71
Doo Woo Needle/Trimming 1-7-B$4.13$3.54$2.96
Doo Woo Paddle 2-1$11.76$10.12$8.47
Doo Woo Paddle Scoop 2-3$14.88$12.80$10.72