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k-35 cut off toolk-36 cut off tool

Kemper Tools151025
K-35 X Wire Cut Off$3.28$2.54$2.30$1.93
K-36 X Nylon Cut off$3.31$2.56$2.31$1.94

Wire Cutter1510
Doo Woo Wire 1-6$4.39$3.83$3.26
Xiem wire PRO Cutting Wire Daring Wavy$7.02
Xiem wire PRO Cutting Wire Perfect 11$6.77
Xiem wire PRO Cutting Wire Excellent 13$8.49$6.71$6.11
Xiem Wire cutter$13.54
Xiem wire PRO Cutting Wire Expert 19Prices are Being Updated
Mudwire Curly Red$7.31
Mudwire Heavy Black$7.31
Mudwire Standard Green$6.42
Mudwire Short Orange$6.41