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ware carts Amaco

Ware Carts

From the brent Ware Cart EX to the brent Batmobile, we offer many options for storing/moving clay and other accessories.

Ware Carts 
Brent Ware Cart w/ Cover$512.00
Brent Ware Cart Shelves (set of 12)$118.00
Brent Ware Cart EX with set of shelves (12)$670.00
Brent Kiln Shelf Cart$588.10
Brent Bat Mobile$375.00
Amaco Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Cart$863.00
Amaco Clay Cart w/ Wedging Board$627.00
Amaco Clay Cart Portable$325.00





Ware Cart Ex

Brent Ware Cart EX

Constructed from 1″ heavy wall pipe and welded shelf supports, it is 72 3/4″ high, 35″ wide and 24″ deep. The four 4″ diameter rubber swivel casters roll easily when cart is loaded and can be firmly locked in place when needed. Ware cart is shipped unassembled in one carton. An optional set of 12″ x 32″, 1/2″ thick exterior plywood shelves is also available and is shipped in a separate carton.






ware cart brent compact cart

Brent Compact Ware Cart

This smaller version of the brent® Ware Cart EX is designed for small studios and classrooms. Assembled, the Compact Ware Cart measures 34.5″W x 24″D x 48″H. It is constructed of 12 gauge steel (for shelf, angles, and corner supports) with 11 gauge steel (upper and lower) cross support tubes. Swivel/locking casters offer stability and easy manuevering. Includes durable plastic cover. Optional set of six 12″ x 32.5″ x 1/2″ exterior plywood shelves also available

ware cart Brent kiln shelf

Brent Kiln Shelf Cart

This mobile, efficient means of loading and unloading your kiln is 47 3/4″ high, 36″ long and 14 1/2″ wide. Steel rods keep up to 16 shelves (up to 20″) stored vertically and separated for less damage. Three shelves give you room for stacking posts, cones, stilts, pots, etc. and are interchangeable with our ware cart shelves. This strong steel cart rolls easily on 4″ diameter rubber swivel casters. Once in place the casters can be locked to prevent rolling.

ware cart brent smart cart

Brent SmartCart

A smart ‘art cart’ on wheels, this sturdy cart has a solid top shelf and two steel mesh shelves for storing your ceramic supplies while working. In addition, it has a retractable shelf that can be pulled out on the right or left side for additional work or storage area. The top shelf also has four pre-drilled holes to accommodate the brent® Mini Slab Roller (see image above). The four heavy-duty swivel/locking casters make the SmartCart easily maneuverable and can be stored away in closets. Assembled dimensions: 27″W x 24.5″D x 34″H.

Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Cart

ware cart heat prrof kiln cart


Mobility and safety are the prime features of this kiln cart. This sturdy, rugged cart is made of 16 gauge steel with 19 gauge trays. Each of the three extra deep trays includes a non-asbestos heat resistant bottom surface to make handling of projects safe and easy right from the kiln. The cart comes with quality 5″ wheels for ease of movement.



 Brent Batmobil

ware cart(batmobile)

 New and improved design!
Welded support rails offer added strength and stability and side frames include holes to adjust the top two rails for holding larger diameter bats (see additional photos below).

This strong steel cart glides on 4″ diameter rubber swivel casters and is a great place to store your unused bats. Once in place the casters can be locked to prevent rolling. It holds up to (90) 14″ bats, with adjustable shelves for almost any size bat and a top shelf that can be used on a ware cart. And to keep them securely in place, the Batmobile includes the brent® BatBrace (see photo). Acting like a “bookend”, the BatBrace keeps up to 50 12″ or 14″ Plasti-bats from sliding. BatBrace also sold individually if more than one is desired, click here for more information.