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Identify Your KilnSitter Model

There are four main KilnSitter Models. These Model numbers are printed on the face of the KilnSitter unit and they are: Model K, Model P, Model LT-3, and Model LT-3K. Skutt Kilns only use Model K and Model LT3-K units. Older kilns, and some custom Kilns did not come with printed face plates. For these Models it is best to call Skutt to make sure you identify the correct part.

tube assembly

Measure Your Tube Assembly and Sensing Rod


Most parts are interchangeable from model to model however the style and length of the Tube Assemblies and Sensing Rods used in KilnSitters can vary depending on the brand of kiln and kiln model. The two styles are pictured below. The “P” Style was used in Model P and Model LT-3 units whereas the “K” style were used in Model K and Model LT-3K units.

Once you know the style you will need to measure the tube assembly as shown in the photos. When you go to purchase your part simply choose the tube assembly that is the right size out of your parts list.

 tube assembly measuring



Tube Assembly1
Tube Assebly 6.5 S N9$55.37
Tube Assembly 2.5 4A (P/2.5)$34.91
Tube Assembly 6.5 With Short Brackett$55.78
Tube Assembly 7.5 w/ Short Brackett$54.88
Tube Assembly (3") #4b$19.50
Tube Assembly (4") #4c (most L&L)$32.50
Tube Assembly (4.5") #4d$25.90
Tube Assembly (5") #4E$46.65
Tube Assembly (long) 7" #70A$56.09
Tube Assembly (short) 6" #70$59.38
Tube Assembly 4H 7" tube$37.40
Tube Assembly 7" Shut-Off #0339$47.20
Tube assembly 7.5 N9 S$55.16
Tube Assembly 8" w/long Bracket$42.32
Tube Assembly 8" w/short Bracket$54.66
Tube Assembly ConeArt 5.5 inch$73.12
Tube Assembly Gare 1822LT 4/99 LowMedHi-SS$43.03
Tube Assembly L9 9" Total tube Lenth$55.31