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Introducing NEW Duncan® True Matte Pastels™

Duncan® True Matte Pastels™ exude modern appeal, as pastels are here to stay and have evolved from sweet to sophisticated. This nontoxic, food-safe glaze consists of 8 fresh colors developed to accentuate your design. The smooth matte finish creates a refined look whether painted in monochromatic hues, paired with bright colors, or used in a Majolica technique.

Available in 4-oz. and 16-oz. jars.

True Matte ^05 Glazes 1122448100
TM-301P Marshmallow Creme$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-302P Rainy Day$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-303P Moonlight$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-304P Dreamsicle$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-305P Minted$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-306P Baby Blues$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-307P Blushing$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.83
TM-308P Sweet Dream$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-309P Flamingo$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-310 Mango Tango$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-311P Pineapple$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-312P Succulent$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-313P Heather$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-314P Indigo$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-315P Frozen$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-316P Sea Glass$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-317P Leather Jacket$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM-318P Downpour$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
True Matte ^05 4 Oz. 1122448100
TM-301 Marshmallow Creme 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97
TM-302 Rainy Day 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
TM-303 Moonlight 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
TM-304 Dreamsicle 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
TM-305 Minted 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
TM-306 Baby Blues 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
TM-307 Blushing 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
TM-308 Sweet Dreams 4oz$4.96$3.95$3.45$2.97$2.41
True Matte ^5 Glazes 1122448100
TM5-750 Weathered Porcelain$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM5-751 Dark Eggshell$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM5-752 Butter Yellow$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM5-753 Frosted Citrus$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM5-754 Muted Jade$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM5-755 Celadon Blue$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82
TM5-756 Antique Rose$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.83
TM5-757 Violet Mist$13.26$9.95$9.28$8.62$7.82