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Our Braintree location will be CLOSED Saturday, June 24th

Tile Cutters

Tile Cutter 2x2$43.24$38.92$32.43$28.11$25.51
Tile Cutter 4x4$47.64$42.89$35.76$31.01$28.16
Tile Cutter 6x6$52.04$46.85$39.07$33.89$30.78
Tile Cutter Circle Bamboo 7"$2.56$2.31$1.93$1.68$1.53
Tile Cutter Circle Plastic 7"$3.06$2.76$2.31$2.01$1.83
Tile Cutter Circle Redwood 9.5"$19.64$17.69$14.76$12.81 $11.64
Tile Cutter Parallel Plasitic 7"Tile Cutter Parallel Plasitic 7"$3.00$2.55$2.25$2.07
Tile Cutter Plastic Ass. Shapes$9.10$8.20$6.85$5.95$5.41
Tile Cutter 6" Round$59.80$29.90
Tile Cutter 8"$65.00$32.50