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Ribbon Tools

ribbon tools

Used by potters and sculptors for medium duty clay cutting, shaping, and slicing, these 8″ ribbon tools have cutting ends formed from high-strength sharpened stainless steel.

  • Their name is derived from the thin flat ribbon-like steel that is used to form their cutting heads.
  • These tools give you sharp cutting edges with additional strength in the direction of the cut.
  • Both sizes are firmly attached to hardwood handles.

.kemper r1-5 ribbon tools

This set contains five 8” double ended ribbon tools with a wide variety of shapes for medium duty clay cutting, shaping, and slicing. Designed with the student in mind as well as the experienced potter and sculptor

Ribbon Tool15102550
8A1 X 8 Double Wire End$5.77$4.46$4.03$3.37$3.15
8B2 X 8 Double Wire End$5.28$4.18$3.82$3.27$3.08
8C3 X 8 Double Wire End$6.34$4.90$4.42$3.70$3.46
8D4 X 8 Double Wire End$6.33$4.89$4.41$3.70$3.46
8E5 X 8 Double Wire End$6.91$5.48$5.00$4.28$4.04
8G7-X Double Wire End Tool 8$6.67$5.23$4.75$4.04$3.80
8H8 X 8 Double Wire End$6.66$5.26$4.79$4.09$3.86
8R1 X$4.79$3.69$3.33$2.78$2.60
8R2 X$4.72$3.65$3.29$2.76$2.58
8R3 X 8 Ribbon Tool$4.78$3.69$3.33$2.78$2.60
8R4 X$4.78$3.69$3.33$2.79$2.61
8R5 X$4.76$3.68$3.32$2.78$2.60
8R6 X$4.78$3.69$3.33$2.79$2.60
8R7 X$4.78$3.70$3.33$2.79$2.61
R-1 X Ribbon Tool$3.84$2.97$2.67$2.24$2.09
R-2 X Ribbon Tool$3.80$2.94$2.65$2.21$2.07
R-3 X Ribbon Tool$3.80$2.93$2.64$2.21$2.06
R-4 X Ribbon Tool$3.81$2.94$2.65$2.21$2.06
R-5 X Ribbon Tool$3.80$2.93$2.64$2.20$2.06
RE4 Ribbon Tool$11.91$9.32$8.45$7.16$6.72
RSS Sculpting Set$17.90$13.88$12.55$10.54$9.87

Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools

mrs tools

These miniature sculpting tools are made of fine ribbon steel heat-treated for maximum strength.  They are just the answer for your fine sculpting, detailing, and trimming requirements.  Firmly set in 1/4″ diameter x 5″ length aluminum handle, these tools are ideal for working with clay, greenware, wax, bread dough, plaster, or any other modeling medium.

Mini Ribbon Tool15102550
MR1 Mini Ribbon Tool (large flat triangle)$3.14$2.43$2.20$1.84$1.72
MR2 Mini Ribbon Tool (small flat triangle)$3.16$2.44$2.21$1.85$1.73
MR3 Mini Ribbon Tool (large round)$3.14$2.44$2.20$1.85$1.73
MR4 Mini Ribbon Tool (small round)$3.19$2.47$2.23$1.87$1.75
MR5 Mini Ribbon Tool (large sharp triangle)$3.16$2.45$2.21$1.86$1.74
MR6 Mini Ribbon Tool (small sharp triangle)$3.21$2.49$2.25$1.89$1.77
MRS Mini Ribbn Set$17.11$13.25$11.96$10.03$9.38

Trimming Tools

doo woo trimming tools

Doo Woo Trimming Tools1510
Doo Woo Trimming 2-10$4.14$3.55$2.97
Doo Woo Trimming 2-4$4.13$3.54$2.95
Doo Woo Trimming 2-5$4.52$3.88$3.24
Doo Woo Trimming 2-8$4.23$3.64$3.04
Doo Woo Trimming 2-9$4.51$3.87$3.23

Trimmer Knives

Kemper Tools15102550
TRM-X Commercial Trim Knife$6.62$5.12$4.62$3.87$3.62
UK Utility Knife$4.23$3.36$3.07$2.63$2.49
UKR replacement Blades$3.67$2.83$2.54$2.12$1.98

Throwing Sticks

TS-1 X Throwing Stick$12.91$10.04$9.09$7.65$7.17
TS-2 Throwing Stick$12.99$10.09$9.12$7.67$7.19
RB00-X Double Rib$9.25$7.17$6.48$5.44$5.10

Pot Liftskemper pot lifts

Remove pottery items from the throwing wheel easily and without damage. Lifts are made from rust-free, high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy and come in pairs. 

Pot Lift15102550
PL1 X 6 Pot Lifts$12.49$9.77$8.86$7.50$7.04
PL2 X 5 Pot Lifts$10.83$8.42$7.62$6.42$6.02
PL3 X 4 Pot Lifts$10.13$7.86$7.10$5.97$5.59

Bump Tools

Mudtool Bump Out Curved$22.71
Mudtool Bump Out Straight$22.71