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Clay Texture Mats 


Clay texture mats are a favorite when it comes to tools used in surface decoration. Clay texture mats, also referred to as texture sheets, impression mats, stamps and molds, are flexible mats used to create beautiful impressions on pottery and other ceramic pieces. They are recommended for both advanced potters and beginning clay artists and loved by children and adults.

ProductName 11224
Texture Mat 8x6 individual$7.00
Texture Mat Basket Weave 8x12"texture mat bricks$13.66$12.33$10.33
Texture Mat Bricks 8x12"texture mat brick$14.84$13.44$11.34
Texture Mat Chinese Characters 10x15texture mat chinese$16.29$14.69$12.29
Texture Mat Cloth Wrinkles 10x15$16.50$14.90$12.50
Texture Mat Dragon Scales 8x12"texture mat dragon scales$14.45$13.05$10.95
Texture Mat Fish Scales 8x12"texture mat fish scales$13.66$12.33$10.33
Texture Mat Floral 10x10"texture mat floral$14.51$13.11$11.01
Texture Mat Flower 10x15texture mat flower$16.50$14.90$12.50
Texture Mat Rocks 8x12"texture mat rocks$14.62$13.22$11.12
Texture Mat Wood 8x12"textyre mat wood grain$14.82$13.42$11.32
Texture Mat Set, Plastic 6pc #1-6 8x6"texture mat set$44.13$40.13$34.13

Amaco Clay Texture Rollers

Watch a plain slab of clay become an instant work of art when you roll out a continuous design using Amaco Clay Texture Rollers. They’re great for borders and detail work on tiles, vessels, and more, and can be used on ceramic clay, air dry clay, or polymer clay.

ProductName 1122448
Texture Roller Sleeve Bamboo Texture 4.25roller bamboo$5.46$4.92$4.11$3.57
Texture Roller Sleeve Chain Linkrollers chains$4.70$4.23$3.53$3.07
Texture Roller Sleeve Circlesrollers circles$4.70$4.23$3.53$3.07
Texture Roller Sleeve Diamond Texturerollers diamond$5.48$4.94$4.13$3.59
Texture Roller Sleeve Koi Fishrollers koi fish$5.61$5.07$4.26$3.72
Texture Roller Sleeve Pre-Columbianrollers pre columbian$4.99$4.49$3.75$3.25
Texture Roller Sleeve Tribaltribal 2$5.36$4.84$4.07$3.55
Texture Roller Sleeve Vine/Leafroller vine leaf$5.61$5.07$4.26$3.72
Texture Roller Sleeve Wave Dotsrollers waves and dots$4.69$4.22$3.53$3.06
Texture Roller Handleroller handle$6.81