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Cone 05. AMACO® Teacher’s Palette® (TP) liquid gloss glazes are completely intermixable so they can be blended with each other or with any of the AMACO® Teacher’s Choice® (TC) glazes to create an infinite color palette. The 16 TP glazes are AP NON-TOXIC, LEAD FREE, dinnerware safe, offer brilliant color, and are safe for use by artists of any age.

Teacher's Pallete 0122448
TP-1 Coal Black PTTP-1$13.33$10.09$9.45$8.80
TP-11 Cotton PintTP-11$13.26$10.02$9.37$8.73
TP-15 Gray PintTP-15$13.23$9.99$9.35$8.70
TP-20 Sky Blue PintTP-20$13.26$10.02$9.37$8.73
TP-21 Midnight Blue PintTP-21$13.24$10.00$9.36$8.71
TP-22 Blue Green PintTP-22$13.28$10.05$9.40$8.75
TP-24 Medium Blue PintTP-24$13.23$9.99$9.34$8.70
TP-26 Robin's Egg PintTP-26$13.26$10.02$9.38$8.73
TP-30 Caramel PintTP-30$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.72
TP-32 Fudge Brown PintTP-32$13.27$10.03$9.38$8.74
TP-40 Mint Green PintTP-40$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.71
TP-41 Frog Green PintTP-41$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.72
TP-42P Granny SmithTP-42$13.23$9.99$9.34$8.69
TP-51 Grape PintTP-51$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.71
TP-52 Raspberry PintTP-52$13.23$10.00$9.35$8.70
TP-53 Pig PinkTP-53$13.38$10.14$9.49$8.84
TP-54 LilacTP-54$13.21$9.97$9.32$8.68
TP-56 Scarlet PintTP-56$13.21$9.97$9.32$8.67
TP-58 Brick Red PintTP-58$13.24$10.00$9.35$8.71
TP-60 Lemon PintTP-60$13.24$10.01$9.36$8.71
TP-62 Maize PintTP-62$13.24$10.00$9.35$8.70
TP-64 Carrot PintTP-64$13.24$10.00$9.36$8.71
TP-65P PumpkinTP-65$12.40$9.38$8.77$8.17