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Cone 05. AMACO® Teacher’s Palette® (TP) liquid gloss glazes are completely intermixable so they can be blended with each other or with any of the AMACO® Teacher’s Choice® (TC) glazes to create an infinite color palette. The 16 TP glazes are AP NON-TOXIC, LEAD FREE, dinnerware safe, offer brilliant color, and are safe for use by artists of any age.

Teacher's Pallete112244899
TP-1P Coal Black$14.85$11.23$10.50$9.78$8.91
TP-11P Cotton$14.81$11.18$10.46$9.73$8.86
TP-15P Gray$14.62$11.00$10.27$9.55$8.68
TP-20P Sky Blue$14.69$11.06$10.34$9.61$8.74
TP-21P Midnight Blue$14.82$11.19$10.47$9.74$8.87
TP-22P Blue Green$14.56$10.93$10.21$9.48$8.61
TP-24P Medium Blue$14.81$11.19$10.46$9.74$8.87
TP-26P Robins Egg$14.83$11.21$10.48$9.76$8.89
TP-30P Caramel$14.64$11.01$10.29$9.56$8.69
TP-32P Fudge Brown$14.66$11.03$10.31$9.58$8.71
TP-40P Mint Green$14.67$11.05$10.32$9.60$8.73
TP-41P Frog Green$14.79$11.17$10.44$9.72$8.85
TP-42P Granny Smith$14.81$11.18$10.46$9.73$8.86
TP-43P Green Leaf$14.78$11.15$10.43$9.70$8.83
TP-51P Grape$14.70$11.08$10.35$9.63$8.76
TP-52P Raspberry$14.66$11.04$10.31$9.59$8.72
TP-53P Pig Pink$14.73$11.11$10.38$9.66$8.79
TP-54 Lilac$14.72$11.09$10.37$9.64$8.77
TP-56P Scarlet$14.57$10.95$10.22$9.50$8.63
TP-58P Brick Red$14.79$11.16$10.44$9.71$8.84
TP-60P Lemon$14.67$11.05$10.32$9.60$8.73
TP-62P Maize$14.78$11.16$10.43$9.71$8.84
TP-64P Carrot$14.68$11.05$10.33$9.60$8.73
TP-65P Pumpkin$14.78$11.15$10.43$9.70$8.83