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Sun Stroke Underglazes

The Sunstroke Underglazes, while considered food safe when fired to the appropriate temperature do contain some lead or cadmium compounds. Sunstoke underglaze passes tests for lead and cadmium release.

Sunstroke Underglazes without a clear coat have a glossy finish so they need to be stilted if glaze is applied to the bottom of the piece. Apply a clear glaze to help smooth out the color and intensify it.



Sun Stroke Underglazes
SS-201 Tulip Red 2oz $ 5.02$ 3.78
SS-202 Snapdragon 2oz$ 4.83$ 3.64
SS-203 Marigold Orange 2oz $ 4.92$ 3.70
SS-204 Daffodil Yellow 2oz$ 5.33$ 4.01
SS-205 Zinnia Orange 2oz $ 4.59 $ 3.44
SS-206 Clover Green 2oz$ 4.49 $ 3.37
SS-Set 2oz.$22.10