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Stoneware Slips

Laguna Clay Company specializes in producing dry slip casting clays, formulated for Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain. To make liquid slip for casting into plaster molds, these bodies require mixing with water and deflocculants such as soda ash, sodium silicate or dispersal/Darvan. see “How to… Make and adjust casting slip” for detailed instructions.

Listed Prices are per gallon

Liquid Slip 1 gal10 gal25 gal80 gal150 gal
Dover White Stoneware slip ^6dover white slip$6.66$6.06$5.36$4.84$4.41
500 L Stoneware slip ^10500l stoneware slip$8.45$7.68$6.78$6.11$5.57
Moroccan Sand Slip ^5 Gallonmoroccan sand slip$18.40$16.57$14.43$12.82$11.52
Toshi Porc Slip Cone 10 toshi slip$19.72$17.78$15.52$13.82$12.45