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Stone Texture Glazes (ST) – Cone 05

These Glazes are not recommended on surfaces that come in contact with food or drink due to the soft crackle nature of this glaze
ST series


Stone Texture Glazes (ST) – Cone 05
ST-20 Blue$13.98$10.59$9.92$9.24$8.43
ST-23 Light Blue$14.16$10.71$10.03$9.34$8.51
ST-25 Blue-Gray$14.12$10.68$9.99$9.30$8.47
ST-30 Rust$13.77$10.41$9.74$9.06$8.26
ST-33 Straw$13.90$10.51$9.83$9.15$8.33
ST-40 Green$13.98$10.60$9.92$9.24$8.43
ST-42 Olive$14.09$10.65$9.96$9.28$8.45
ST-51 Peach$13.94$10.54$9.86$9.18$8.36
ST-53 Ivory beige$14.09$10.65$9.96$9.28$8.45
ST-55 Lavender$13.77$10.41$9.74$9.07$8.26
ST-56 Violet$14.28$10.79$10.09$9.39$8.55
ST-65 Burnt Orange$14.04$10.62$9.93$9.25$8.42