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Standard Ceramic Low Fire Clay Prices

Standard Low Fire Clay 10050010002000
ST 101 Buff - Cone 02-9$0.59$0.53$0.46$0.41$0.37
ST 103 Low Fire Terra Cotta$0.62$0.56$0.49$0.44$0.40
ST 104 Low Fire Terra Cotta w/Grog$0.68$0.61$0.54$0.48$0.44
ST 105 NT White Earthenware$0.55$0.50$0.44$0.40$0.36
ST 105 White earthenware w/talc ^04-06$0.58$0.53$0.47$0.42$0.38
ST 105G NT White Earthenware w/Grog$0.51$0.46$0.40$0.35$0.31
ST 239 Raku$0.58$0.52$0.46$0.41$0.37
ST 295 Raku w/ Kyanite ^06$0.68$0.62$0.54$0.49$0.44
ST 417 Red Earthenware ^06-02$0.69$0.62$0.54$0.49$0.44
ST 528 Mocha$0.62$0.55$0.48$0.42$0.38

Standard Ceramic Low Fire Clay Descriptions


C/6 Ox. C/9 Ox. C/9 R

An all purpose stoneware clay with a wide firing range for throwing and modeling.
Shrinkage: 9.5% at C/6, 12% at C/9.
Absorption: 4.5% at C/6, 3% at C/9.

Cone 06 Cone 2

103 RED CLAY (Cone 06-2)

Low fire plastic terra cotta body designed for the classroom. Traditional terra cotta color at cones 06 oxidation. Deeper brick red at cone 2.
Shrinkage: 9% at C/06, 14% at C/2
Absorption: 12% at C/06, 6% at C/2

Cone 06 Cone 4

104 RED CLAY WITH GROG (Cone 06-4)
Versatile clay containing fine grog. Good for hand building, slab work and throwing.
Shrinkage: 6% at C/06, 11% at C/4
Absorption: 13.2% at C/06, 3% at C/4

Cone 04

105 WHITE CLAY (Cone 06-04)

Plastic low fire smooth body made with Texas talc. This clay fires to a very white color and works well with commercial low-fire glazes. Can be used for throwing and handbuilding. We recommend this body for classroom use.
Shrinkage: 6% at C/06, 6.5% at C/04
Absorption: 15.5% at C/06, 14.5% at C/04

Cone 04

105G WHITE CLAY WITH GROG (Cone 06-04)

Same as 105 with the addition of fine grog. Gives a toothy clay that many potters prefer. This is also a good clay for tile work and larger projects. Slight speckled appearance due to the addition of grog when a transparent glaze is used.
Shrinkage: 5.0% at C/06, 5.6% at C/04
Absorption: 15.3% at C/06, 14.5% at C/04

C 06/Raku C 6/ox.

239 Raku Clay

An open clay body specially formulated to withstand the thermal shock of Raku firing. Contains sand.
Shrinkage: 8% at C/04, 13% at C/6.
Absorption: 17% at C/04, 4.5% at C/6.

Cone 06/Raku

Good for larger pieces. The addition of kyanite increases the strength of this body.
Shrinkage: 5% at C/06.
Absorption: 7.4% at C/06.

c/06 c/02


Low fire body that contains fire clay and a small amount of fine grog. Good for Majolica technique. Superior throwing body.
Shrinkage: 6% at C/06, 11% at C/02
Absorption: 5.3% at C/06, 1% at C/02

Cone 04

528 MOCHA CLAY (Cone 04)

Low fire, very smooth, light brown body. Good with low fire glazes.
Shrinkage: 8% at C/04
Absorption: 13% at C/04