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Why MKM Stamps and Rollers work so well with clay

All MKM stamps, rollers, HandRollers, Mini Rollers, etc, are carved at our own factory (they are not contracted out to second parties) by MKM employees who are very committed to quality. Quality in the original wood blank material, quality of design, and quality of carving, quality of wood finish (teng oil), and, of course, quality service to all of our customers. But what, exactly, does quality mean in the context of a simple wood tool.

MKM HR01 zebra patternHR 1$15.24$13.74$11.50
MKM HR02 squiggly linesHR 2$15.24$13.74$11.50
MKM HR03 WavesHR 3$15.10$13.60$11.36
MKM HR04 Horizontal StripesHR 4$15.03$13.53$11.29
MKM HR05 Rock PatternHR 5$15.29$13.79$11.54
MKM HR07 WeaveHR 7$15.29$13.79$11.54
MKM HR08 stained glass patternHR 8$15.25$13.76$11.51
MKM HR09 scrollHR 9$15.24$13.74$11.50
MKM HR10 PebblesHR 10$15.03$13.53$11.29
MKM HR12 polka dotsHR 12$15.24$13.74$11.50
MKM HR14 LeavesHR 14$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR15 LatticeHR 15$15.29$13.79$11.54
MKM HR16 HarlequinHR 16$15.21$13.71$11.47
MKM HR17 FernsHF 17$15.24$13.74$11.50
MKM HR19 Basket WeaveHR 19$15.03$13.53$11.29
MKM HR22 CubesHR 22$15.03$13.53$11.29
MKM HR23 BasketHR 23$15.03$13.53$11.29
MKM HR24 Basket WeaveHR 24$15.25$13.76$11.51
MKM HR26 lines and dotsHR 26$15.25$13.76$11.51
MKM HR27 DaisiesHR 27$15.03$13.53$11.29
MKM HR28 SwirlHR 28$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR29 SpiralHR 29$15.04$13.54$11.30
MKM HR31 StarburstHR 31$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR32 TurtlesHR 32$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR35 Maple LeavesHR 35$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR36 Stars and MoonsHR 36$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR39 PaisleyHR 39$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR41 Tropical BeachHR 41$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR42 Laura's FloraHR 42$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR43 Sardine MarineHR 43$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR45 Swooping SwallowHR 45$15.02$13.52$11.28
MKM HR47 Flowing WaterHR 47$15.03$13.53$11.29