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Square Collection

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Color Safari Dishware Designed and created by Suzie Shinseki

Take your dishware on a colorful safari with bold hues and wildly fun patterns! Neon shades pop against black and white motifs for an artsy dinner set that makes mealtime an adventure.



The straight edges of our Square Collection create the perfect canvas for bold color and dramatic design.


Square Collection 06122448100
Bisque 21433 Square Charger 11.75x11.75x1.5"21433$4.90$4.17$3.80$3.43$3.06$2.89
Bisque 21434 Square Dinner Plate 10x10x1.5"21434$4.10$3.48$3.18$2.87$2.56$2.42
Bisque 21435 Square Salad Plate 7.75x7.75x1"21435$3.00$2.55$2.33$2.10$1.88$1.77
Bisque 21781 Square Bowl Mini 4.5x4.5x2.5"21781$2.30$1.95$1.78$1.61$1.44$1.36
Bisque 21782 Square Bowl Large 11.25x11.25x3"21782$8.60$7.31$6.67$6.02$5.38$5.07
Bisque 27158 Square Platter$6.20$5.27$4.81$4.34$3.88$3.66