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Elephant Ear Sponges

Elephant Ear Sponges are flat shaped natural sponges that have fine texture and are very absorbent. Use to carefully moisten and smooth pottery surfaces when throwing or hand building.

elephant ear sponges

Sponge Elephant Ear 2-3 Mediterranean$2.22$1.71$1.54$1.28$1.20
Sponge Elephant Ear 3-4 Mediterranean$4.17$3.21$2.89$2.41$2.25
Sponge Elephant Ear 4 -5 Mediterranean$7.69$5.92$5.33$4.45$4.15
Sponge Elephant Ear 5-6 Mediterranean$11.71$9.01$8.11$6.76$6.31
Sponge Elephant Ear Philippines 2-2.5$2.13$1.67$1.52$1.29$1.21

Natural Sponge15102550
Sponge Elephant Ear Philippines 3-3.5$3.08$2.38$2.15$1.80$1.69
Sponge Elephant Ear Philippines 3.5-4$3.95$3.11$2.83$2.41$2.27
Sponge Elephant Ear Philippines 4-4.5$4.21$3.25$2.93$2.45$2.29

Natural Sponges

sponge wool

sponge silk

Sponge Silk 2 1/2 - 3$3.06$2.36$2.12$1.77$1.65
Sponge Wool 4.5 -5$6.24$4.80$4.32$3.60$3.36

Synthetic Sponges

Sponge spr x

Sponge Oval Hydra

sponge square

Synthetic Sponges15102550
SPR Sponge$0.77$0.59$0.53$0.45$0.42
Sponge Oval Hydra 5.5x 4.25 x 2$2.80$2.20$2.00$1.70$1.60
Sponge Rectangular 7.5x5x2$3.92$3.08$2.80$2.38$2.24