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Sculpture Tools

kemper sculpting tools


FW11 Heavy Duty Sculpting Tool  Designed to with stand the heavy side loads encountered when working on large sculpture and wheel thrown pieces. This tool is made of sharpened stainless steel flat ribbon and is assembled with heavy duty brass ferrules. It’s contoured hardwood handle makes a comfortable fit for any size hand.

Sculpting Tools1-45-910-23 25
Sculpting Tools1-45-910-23 25
FW11 X Sculpturing Tool $4.68 $3.91 $3.65 $3.27
FW12-X Sculpturing Tool $4.01 $3.24 $2.98 $2.60
FW21-X Sculpturing Tool $3.34 $2.57 $2.31 $1.93
FW22-X Sculpturing Tool $3.34 $2.57 $2.31 $1.93
FW31-X Sculpturing Tool $3.48 $2.71 $2.45 $2.06
FW32-X Sculpturing Tool $3.34 $2.57 $2.31 $1.93